How YES Gets Clients 14% Higher Pay (video)

Katherine Akbar:
Sometimes just asking the right questions helps clients realize the incredible amount of money that they've saved previous employers, or made previous employers, which makes them realize they should be making more money in their next job.

Katherine Akbar:
Our clients, as we've studied, get an average of 11% increased income at the new job, and this includes career changers who oftentimes do have to take a cut, so that average for people who are not changing careers is probably higher than that.

Katherine Akbar:
And I think part of the reason is not only because they're selling themselves better, but because they are more sold on themselves after they see all the value that they've created for previous employers. I consider it, in a way, a makeover for the career, a makeover for the ego, because a lot of people don't realize how much value they have until they see it on paper after we've gotten done with it.

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