Best Jobs for Analytical Thinkers

Originally posted at As an analytical thinker, your ability to deal with complex issues is invaluable in the workplace. However, with so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to decide which would be the right career for you. Here are some of the best jobs for analytical thinkers: Table of Contents Katherine Metres Akbar  President, YES Career Coaching & […]

The Ultimate Job and Career Guide to Survive and Thrive 2020

With the world wrapped up in so much upheaval and uncertainty, you need a career guide on how to survive and thrive in the shifting career landscape. We’re experiencing a rapid evolution in how business is done, and many people find themselves laid off, furloughed, or looking for a more secure job. When you have the […]

Virtual Career Coaching: How to Make a Career Transition into Software Development

It’s easy to think that you’ll learn software development in six months and get a six-figure salary right after. The reality of transitioning into software engineering is actually much grimmer. Lately it has become almost a romantic idea, one that many people hold dearly: “One day I’ll learn to code, leave this hell of a job, […]

How to Make a Career Change from the Federal Government to the Private Sector

How to Make a Career Change from the Federal Government to the Private SectorAre you a federal government employee thinking about transitioning from the federal government to the private sector? It’s a common situation. In fact, many federal employees are eager to move into a position in the private sector and start making more money with […]