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We create the documents you need to get interviewed by an average of 5 organizations. Our career coaches help you figure out what you want, train you to get in front of employers for jobs on the hidden job market, and help you get an average of 2 offers when you interview.
Resume & Cover Letter
At YES, for a reasonable price, you get the interviewing, writing, and editing of not 1 but 3 experts on your professional, executive, or federal resumes.
Optimized LinkedIn Profile
Have us write your LinkedIn profile for search engine optimization. Our average client is sought out by 10 LinkedIn recruiters!

Interview Preparation
YES's Interview Aikido(TM) program will teach you how to get out of your head and into the game of connecting to what matters to hiring managers.
Career Strategy Coaching
We guarantee you'll get a job after working with your coach. We teach guerilla strategies that will help you find jobs in the hidden job market.
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At YES, you get your edge for success by working with the nation’s best career success team.
Since 2009, YES has been helping people achieve their career dreams. We are a growing team of 14, including career coaches, certified resume writers and editors, plus a 7-person expert HR Advisory Team.
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Not getting many interviews from your resume?
75% of job applications are rejected by applicant tracking systems (ATS) before they are seen by human eyes.

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YES President Katherine Metres Akbar on what you need to pass the 6-second rule.

Why People Love Us

At YES, each client gets the VIP treatment. Depending on the package you choose, you will be assigned a client success manager, career coach, interview coach, resume interviewer, resume writer, and one to two resume editors—all dedicated to ensuring you get results.
Michael helped me figure out what direction to go in, and Jessie was with me throughout the process. I had a new position created for me thanks to their help and coaching.
R.T.-Resume Writing Services Client
Reshma T.

Product Management Expert

If you are looking for a fresh start in the Federal government, I highly recommend letting YES help you with your resume!
Jennifer Resume Writing Services Client
Jennifer R.

Sr. Managing Consultant

Thanks to YES services, I landed my dream job today! I cant thank you enough for the help YES has been to my career.
Becky Z Resume Writing Services Client
Becky Z.

Clinical Operations Executive

I started the transition with virtually no experience. The help I received from YES contributed to me receiving a job with one of the major tech companies.
Andy Resume Writing Services Client
Andrew Z.

Sr. Operations Director

Career Coaching & Resume Writing Success Stories

Want to see some of our clients' success stories? See how our services are helping others land their dream jobs faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Look for in Selecting and Hiring the Best Resume Writers Near Me?

We are one of the nation’s top-rated resume writing services and career success companies with headquarters in metro Washington DC. We are also the nation’s top-rated company for USAJobs-style federal resumes! We are here to help you get a job that you will love.

Signs You Need a New Career or Job
People come to us for different reasons:
  • Despite working hard at your career, you are frustrated—or at least not fully satisfied—with your current level of career success.
  • Perhaps you were laid off and have been struggling to land a new job, making you unsure and stressed about selecting a resume writing service.
  • Maybe you are wondering whether you need a career coach.
  • In some cases, your current income, lack of seniority, or company culture is not working for you.
  • In other cases, your desire for advancement, meaning, or fulfillment has motivated you to hire a job coach to pursue your job search.
  • You may have had a successful career in the government and now are transitioning to the corporate or nonprofit sectors.
  • Or you were fulfilled in the military and now are transitioning into the private sector a civilian government job.
  • And finally, you may be wondering how to get a federal job as an opportunity for a more secure and stable job.
When You Need Job Search Success
  • You may have been applying for many jobs and yet been disappointed at the rate of invitations for interviews.
  • Maybe you have been interviewing and are discouraged by the lack of follow-up and job offers.
  • You may have even searched for and hired a professional resume writer with unimpressive results.
  • Like many of our clients, you may be a highly skilled executive or professional who is thinking about what the next level of career fulfillment or success means for them.
You may be looking for the best resume writers because you have tried free resume templates and resume builders only to be totally disappointed by the lack of employer response.

Whatever the reason motivating you to look at resume writing businesses, we are here to help you get your dream job. You can upload your resume and get a free resume review. We have helped over 2500 clients achieve their career goals in the Washington DC metro area, Chicago, California, Florida, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
These are the latest exciting results for the median/average client from our most recent survey:

  • They find a new job within 8 weeks of finalizing their resume, while the national average for unemployment is 23 weeks.
  • The average client interviews 5 different employers.
  • They are contacted by 8 recruiters
  • The average client gets 19% increased pay at the new job.
That means, as a result of working with us, the average employed client ends up with an extra $8,000 in income for the year, and the average unemployed client ends up with an extra $30,000 in income for the year, many times what they invested. And there’s also the incalculable value of being in a job where you feel valued, excited, and fulfilled.

Getting hired faster for a job where you are paid more is a delight. But for many of our clients who came to us for a resume, LinkedIn profile, and/or interview skills training, job satisfaction, fulfillment, personal development, and contribution are even more important. After all, the average American spends 53% of their waking hours every day at work. You may soon find out that a highly-paid new job that you landed quickly does not make you happier. Ideally, you would like to come to that realization before you accept the offer, and that’s where career coaching comes in.

No matter the reason you came to us or one of the other top professional resume writing services in the area, we recommend you get specific about your goal. That means not only what kind of job you are looking for and what kind of services you think you will need to land that dream job but also clarity about how that job will look. You want to have the tools and skills not only to ace the job interview and get multiple offers but also to make an unemotional, realistic assessment of the resume writing services company you will be working for and the prospect of a long-term, fulfilling career there. This is very important for your happiness and prevents you from having to look for another job in a short span of time or trying to put up and suffer working in an environment or job you come to hate.

So how can you avoid potential pitfalls in hiring a career coach or resume writer, as well as applying for or accepting the wrong jobs?
  • Our recommended solution, whether you decide to work with us or another career counseling and resume writing service, is to have a 30-minute Free Resume Review. In the course of that session, you can describe your current situation and where you want to be professionally, receiving some expert advice on how to get there. If you have a resume, you may share that with your career coach for a free resume review and recommendations.
How Do I Decide If I Should Hire a Resume Writing Company and/or Career Coaches?
Do you need a top 2% resume and cover letter? Employers today receive an average of 118 resumes for each job opening. Only the best-fit 2% of resumes get an interview, and these may not include the best people for the job if their documents don’t show it.

The solution to this challenge, according to independent research:
  • Have a resume and cover letter that speaks to the employers’ interests
  • Grab their attention within 6 seconds.
This demands as much marketing and advanced copywriting skill as expertise in your field.

Other reasons for selecting a professional resume writer service like ours:
  • A solid commitment to quality, timely delivery, and outstanding customer service are important to you. When you decide to submit your resume and cover letter for a position you are excited about, you want to make sure that not only can you have the final product in ample time but also that your resume meets the above criteria.
  • You want to be able to come back and discuss your progress in the job market and get additional advice and tips on how to adjust your resume for different positions.
  • Our services, performed by top-rated resume writers and customer service staff, have made YES a top-rated resume writing business in the Washington DC metro area on most platforms:
    • We are A-rated on Angie’s List (with Super Service Awards in 2016, 2017, and 2018).T
    • he Better Business Bureau rates us A+.
    • We currently have a 4.9 rating on Google, a 4.5 rating on Yelp (5 if you count the hidden reviews), and a 5.0 rating on Facebook.
What Is the Difference Between a Professional Resume Writing Service and Resume Building Services?

Both professional resume writing services and resume building services can be considered a form of resume writing help. However, the difference between a resume builder service and a resume writer service is that in the case of the former we typically are talking about an automated or software application whereas, in the case of a resume writer service, we are typically referring to a resume service that uses professional resume writers who interview a client and draft their resume. A resume builder is a nice gadget that can provide templates and help you with structuring a nice-looking format for your resume. But a resume builder cannot be a substitute for a professional resume writing service which makes a comprehensive analysis of your skills and experience, compares that with the specific requirements of a job and facilitate and question and answer process to help think back and provide information that their marketing expertise can help stand out.

What Is the Difference Between a Resume Writing Service and Resume Editing Services?

A resume writing service usually includes editing services as well. After all, there is no value in paying for a drafted resume that is not properly edited. The editing phase typically comes after the resume is drafted to be a highly competitive marketing document. However, a resume editing service will also work with a resume that you or someone else has drafted for you and the editor’s role will be limited to editing the existing resume. For example, you might have drafted your own resume and by mistake have typed resume writting service. That is a grammatical error and resume editing services will catch the mistyped resume writting service and change it to resume writing service for you. These days you rarely see resume writing services that promote themselves exclusively as resume editing services because they can charge more to provide higher quality and more comprehensive products they can stand by.

Who Works with YES?
  • Most of our clients are experts or executives who want to take their careers to the next level.
  • Others dislike their employer or job, got laid off or will be, or feel they’re in the wrong field.
  • Another group needs career transition assistance when leaving the military or federal government, after completing their education, or when reentering the workforce after taking care of their family full-time.
How Does a Professional Resume Writing Service Give You Your Edge for Success?
Whenever you are applying for a job, keep the following in mind:
  • Your competition might have hired one of the best resume writers in Washington DC, like YES, to beat the 6-second rule.
  • They might have had their LinkedIn profile professionally developed. In this case, they could be more easily and quickly picked up by some of the thousands of recruiters searching the LinkedIn platform.
  • Your competition might also have hired a resume services company to train them on the best interview questions.
How Does Career Coaching Give You Your Edge for Success?
Heavy competition is why you want to set yourself apart by benefiting from YES’ innovative, proprietary Interview AikidoTM technique and mock interview to practice and expert coaching. With Interview AikidoTM, you get trained in how to take control of your interviews so that you find out what the employer needs before you try to start selling yourself. This way you are never shooting in the dark. Once you know, you can confidently tell the employer how you can meet their needs.
Last but not least, you want to make sure you are being supported by a skilled negotiating team to ensure you are not leaving a penny on the table. You wouldn’t want to regret settling for less than you deserve. (This is critical for reducing the gender pay gap!) For all these reasons, we suggest you start your career success journey by scheduling your free 30-minute Career Success Consultation to address all the questions you have on your mind.
What Else Should I Think About with Regard to My Resume?
  • Where can I find federal resume writers near me?
  • Are the resume writing services near me worth the investment?
  • What do the resume writing services near me charge?
  • Post-COVID should I limit myself to resume service near me?
  • Which is more cost-effective, a resume coach or professional resume writers near me?
  • Where can I locate a federal job resume writer?
  • Where can I read more about resume services near me?
  • What should I expect in a package of resume services?
  • Are federal job resume writers worth the money?
  • How do I choose between the resume services near me?
  • What to include in a cover letter?
  • Can top resume reviews be believed, or are they faked?
  • What resume writing services company gets the top resume reviews?
What Else Should I Think About with Regard to Career Coaching?
  • Where can I see a career counselor near me?
  • Who is the best career counselor near me?
  • What is involved in career change counseling?
  • Can career change counseling help me figure out what I most want to do?
  • Who are the best career strategy consultants?
  • Where can I find executive coaching services near me?
  • Who are the best executive coaches near me?
  • What is the difference between a career coach and a career counselor?
What do career strategy consultants do for their clients?

And here are the answers to some additional frequently asked questions regarding career coaching:

How to select the best career coaches

Career coaching is not a regulated practice. For that reason, you will find coaches with diverse backgrounds who have chosen career coaching as their career. Coaches can obtain career coaching certification from a number of different organizations. To find out which coach is the best to work with, there are a number of things you can do before you start your job search or put together a career development plan:

  • You can study the reviews of the coach. If a coach does not have any reviews or has poor career coaching reviews, that coach may not be a good candidate to work with. To find the best coach, you can also request to have a session to discuss your career goals and find out if you have a good chemistry with the coach and if their guidance gives you a sense of direction.
  • You could potentially ask the coach for references (contact information of former clients of the coach) that you can talk to. Some coaches may be reluctant to connect you with references, but others may be more than happy to provide you with those introductions.
  • Another thing you may find out is how long the coach has been in business.
  • During your session, you can find out if the coach has had business coaching experience as well.
  • Sometimes the work background of a coach before they chose to become a career coach can also make a difference. You may want to find out how broad their overall business background is. The type of career coaching you are looking for in your career advancement should take into account the background of the coaches or career coaching companies you are considering.

Why do clients trust their career to YES?

Clients who come to us for career coaching are at different stages of their life and career and need to work with a coach on different types of career goals. Some clients need help from a coach on search strategies. Others need coaches to help them with career transitions, and some others for cultivating confidence on the path they have already chosen.

Clients develop confidence about working with us from the moment they speak with their client success manager (CSM). While everyone's life and career is unique, our CSMs—who work closely with YES coaches—have spoken with and supported the careers of hundreds of other career coaching clients. Prospective clients soon discover that our career coaches have successfully supported numerous other professionals with similar challenges. In fact, one of our career coaches has developed career coaching courses and programs for clients, in addition to developing a program to certify other career coaches. As they say, the proof is in the pudding, and our pudding is the results that our career coaching clients have achieved.

What tools can I use to chart a better career?

Before you find out what tools to use, you want to get clarity on your goals—not just career goals but also life goals. Once you are clear about the kind of life you would like to live, and that is something that our coaches can help you with, you can then focus your work with the coach on how to get there. With the help of your coach and the tools he provides, you may find out that in order to accomplish that goal, you may need to work in a specific role in certain industries. Alternatively, working with the coach, you may find out that yours is a path of entrepreneurship. The coach can introduce you to hybrid strategies where you develop your entrepreneurship muscle while you work for an employer. Beyond these strategic decisions, our coaches use a number of proprietary tools developed by YES to help you navigate your life and your work to get full alignment with your goals.

How to make the right investment in your career

Most people who join our career coaching programs are interested in optimizing different aspects of their lives. They want to maximize their income but also improve their quality of life, happiness, and potential for giving back to society. To achieve this in life, there is no investment better than getting help with your career development. Our career coaches will not only coach you during your search, but they will also coach you through the salary negotiation process to make sure you maximize your compensation throughout your career. Working with our coaches, you should expect on average a 20% increase in your income by the conclusion of your search.

How to ensure continuous growth in your career

The message we shared with you earlier was that whether you work with coaches or pursue other strategies in your career growth, you are on a never-ending journey of learning, in work as well as your life. You can accelerate this growth by engaging coaches at various stages of your career, starting with search. Having helped thousands of other clients, coaches can coach you on how to adapt search strategies in alignment with your personality so you develop more confidence in your abilities. Coaches can also show you how to make the job search fun and exciting, rather than a drag on your emotions and confidence.

Once a coach coaches you to land your dream job, that is just the beginning of your adventure. Life is a dynamic process. You, the new employer, and the people you work with are all in a continuous process of change. Rather than purely reacting to these changes, you can get the most out of your career by engaging coaches in your career advancement process. Rather than following someone else's plans, you can develop your own career business plan with the help of coaches who are experts in the career advancement phase of your career. Following your own plan may lead to leadership enhancement, faster promotion, higher pay, and making the right transition when you want it.

How much do career coaches typically charge?

Career coaching is not a regulated field. Many D.C. career coaches charge professionals $3,000–$5,000 just to coach you in the process of selecting a future career—without giving you any of the tools to get the job done. However, at YES, we offer a cost-effective career coaching formula where our career coaches will coach you not only on selecting the perfect job type but also on using career coaching to help you land a job. Working with YES coaches, you will typically accomplish your career goals within 8–12 sessions with the coach during your job search.

What is the difference between an executive resume and a professional resume?
When we recommend an executive-level resume to our clients, sometimes the question that comes up is, “What is the difference between an executive resume and a regular resume?” One client who was transitioning to an executive position even asked if we had example executive resume or senior executive resume templates that he could use. An executive resume template is not very helpful for getting an executive job, though.

What you need to know instead is the type of information a top executive search firm will be looking for in your resume. You see, executive recruiter firms are interested more in what you have accomplished through your leadership of a team, business unit, or organization than in what you have done as an individual contributor. Top executive recruiting firms are looking at key performance indicators that apply to an organization rather than how you measure as an individual contributor.

When you are pursuing an executive job search, you can benefit from working with executive career coaches who can help you pin down your strategic positioning and branding. They can also share with you how to find executive jobs with unconventional strategies rather than just posting your executive resume on the best job search sites for executives. In fact, before investing too much time reading executive resume writer reviews, your best bet would be to identify a solid executive coach. You don’t want to waste your money on one of the expensive executive resume services before determining exactly what you want them to market you for.

Once you have developed your positioning, the coach can help you connect with a top executive resume writing service like YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services. That service can translate your unique value proposition and brand into messaging for your executive resume. At some executive resume services, like YES, in addition to your executive coach, you will have as many as 4 professionals collaborate and strategize on developing your executive resume. Once the content of your executive resume is finalized, you can look at different executive-level resume examples to choose from among the best resume format for executives. These could include, for example, IT executive resume samples, executive director resume samples, C-level resume samples, executive vice president resume examples, or even senior sales executive resume samples.

After finalizing their executive resumes, many of our clients would like introductions to executive staffing agencies, better known as executive recruitment companies, or a national executive search firm. What are executive search firms? These are headhunters who focus on executive search, including IT executive recruiters. At YES, we provide our clients with a list of recruiters they can start with, including executive search firms. If you are a coaching client, your coach will also introduce you to unconventional strategies to expand your network of advocates who can support you even more effectively than executive recruiters. Also, if you are not sure about executive career upgrades cost, your YES client success manager can help you with a cost-benefit analysis that can help you decide on the best executive career management package for you.
What Else Should I Think About with Regard to My LinkedIn Profile?
  • Who can help me with LinkedIn profile-building services?
  • Are LinkedIn profile building services worth the investment?
  • What are the elements of the best LinkedIn profiles?
  • How can I make my LinkedIn profile rate among the best LinkedIn profiles?
  • What are the elements of the best LinkedIn summaries?
Where can I learn about how to improve a LinkedIn profile?
Do I Need Interview Coaching?
  • What are good answers to interview questions?
  • How can I practice good answers to interview questions?
Whatever your motivation, you may be feeling anxious, skeptical, or excited right now. We’ve seen it all. Rest assured that, no matter what your situation, we can help you get the next best job for you and help you thrive in it.
What Does YES Help Its Clients With?
1-Figuring out what you want to do next so that you’ll be happier in your next job than in your last one. There’s no point getting your resume services unless you know what you want it to sell you for.

Client Ashlei R. wrote, “During the Career Strategy Sessions, I met with Michael and we discussed what I wanted and I NEEDED from my next position. As a result of that, I’m at a job that I LOVE, and my confidence is at an all-time high.” This is one reason career transition clients get career coaching/career counseling.

2-A free resume review as well as writing a resume and cover letter that will make employers contact you for an interview.

Client Peter M. wrote, “When I received my brand-new resume and cover letter from YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services, I was excited and enthused for the first time in months. I knew immediately that this was something that I should have done several months beforehand. After applying for a position, I received a callback—within two hours. And within five days of receiving my final drafts, I had a job offer in hand. Thank you.”

3-Writing a LinkedIn profile that will have recruiters contact you when they have a position that fits your skill set and direction.

“I haven’t actually started looking for a job, but I know that when I do, my search is going to be much more successful than it ever was with my old resume. I’ve already had recruiters contact me through Indeed.com and LinkedIn, so I just wanted to take a second to say, ‘Thank you to the YES team for helping me put my best foot forward.” –Geoff M.

4-Interview coaching that will help you master interviewing so you get the offers you want.

Kel F. wrote, “When I was applying for my job, I actually applied for 5 jobs, and out of 5 jobs, I had 4 job interviews, which led to 4 job offers. And all the interviews went extremely well. My best interview was actually the last one with Rite Aid Pharmacy, and I felt so comfortable during the interview, it actually turned into a friendly conversation. That was amazing for me, and it became my favorite hobby. Interviewing was something I just enjoy doing. I highly recommend Interview AikidoTM to anyone who’s applying for a job.”

5-Career coaching that trains you on building and using your network to get a job on the hidden job market, negotiating a great offer, and excelling in your new position.

Brian S. wrote, “Michael and Katherine were right there with me every step of the way. From how to interview to how to negotiate. I learned more about how to work LinkedIn to my advantage. When I was shopping for a career coach and resume help near me, I looked all over the U.S. and finally decided to use YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services. Looking back, it was definitely the right decision.”

A brighter future awaits. Watch our interviews with career experts, hiring managers, HR executives, and CEOs. Book your free resume review so we can talk about your goals and jointly decide how we can help you reach them. We look forward to giving you your edge for success.

Serving the Washington, D.C., Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Fairfax VA, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, New York City, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St. Louis, and Tampa metropolitan areas.

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