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Do you offer interview assistance/mock interviews/interview coaching/Interview Aikido? How much is that?

Yes, we do! The service includes a video, written guide, and 90-minute mock interview with coaching by President Katherine Akbar—the world’s only Interview Aikido coach—and is 397. Check our reviews to see how much people love and benefit from this.

Can you help me if I live in another state or country?

Yes. We have had clients all over the world; location makes no difference. Coaching services are typically done by Zoom, and we have both noon-time and evening times Eastern available to accommodate different time zones.

Will I have to come back to you to update my resume?

No, though many clients like to take advantage of our reduced rates for returning clients. You will receive your documents in Word, and they will be yours to modify. We also provide you with a free guide on how to update your documents for different job postings.

Will I be able to use my resume and cover letter for different types of jobs?

The documents will work best for the type of position on which we model them. That said, we will provide you with a guide on how to tweak your documents for different positions.

Should I get the Executive Resume?

The Executive Resume is what you need if you are going for a position at the C-suite, executive director, president, vice president, or director level. With your Executive Resume purchase, you get a guaranteed senior writer, and the resume will be focused on your leadership skills instead of just your functional expertise.

Will you put me in touch with recruiters/headhunters?

If your LinkedIn profile is search engine optimized for the kind of position you want, recruiters/headhunters will find you there when they have a job that seems right for you. Our clients who get our LinkedIn service are contacted by 8 recruiters on average! While contacting recruiters/headhunters isn’t usually a great use of your time—unless they specialize in your field—we do give you contact information for at least 14 of them in the guide we provide with your drafts.

Do you place people for jobs? Are you an employment agency?

No. Employment agencies work for employers to fill their jobs. We work for you! We give you the tools to market yourself for your ideal position. Clients who get coaching may also receive referrals to former clients or other contacts when we believe they can be helpful.

Can I see samples of your resumes and cover letters?

Your client success manager will be glad to send you a sample Professional, Executive, or Federal Resume after your consultation. We don’t provide a sample of our Cover Letter, as its structure is like our secret sauce. Schedule your free Career Success Consultation here.

What do you do in the career coaching sessions?

For job seekers, career coaching is completely customized to your specific needs. The activities can fall into two categories: helping people figure out the best-fit employment situation and helping them obtain such an offer.

Once you know what you want to do and for whom you want to do it—and you may already know this at the outset—our Certified Career Coach will work with you on how to help you market yourself. Coach Michael Akbar will help you develop the needed mindset for success. He will also help you become a networking genius who can build a network of people who can hire or refer you. Finally, he teaches you executive access skills so that you bypass the Human Resources Department and get yourself directly in front of decision makers.

We also offer Career Advancement Coaching to help you excel on the job and make the right moves to advance in your career.

Can you help my daughter/son/husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/niece/nephew?

Of course! We’ve had many clients sponsored by someone who cares about them. We recommend that that person be involved in the consultation to give us information and think about what they most need. If you have a limit on what you’re willing to spend, we can limit the conversation to those services, or we can discuss pricing separately if you want to keep it secret.

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