Why Clients Choose YES

Here are 14 of the unique ways we help our clients get new jobs they love with more, faster, and higher offers than the national average:

1-Selling Point Discovery

An interview with a resume writer that ensures that we discover clients' unique selling propositions and use them to create their personal brands

2-Neuro-Linguistic & Hypnotic Writing

Proprietary writing methodologies that engage employers' amygdalae and appeal to their emotions, which drive hiring decisions

3-Results-Driven Resume

Resumes that put you in the top 2% so you get into the YES pile to be invited to interview

4-Vision-Driven Cover Letters

Cover letters that make employers start visualizing you in your ideal position and the value your contribution will bring to their organization

5-Recruiter Magnet

Search engine-optimized LinkedIn profiles that ensure that you show up in the searches of recruiters looking for professionals like you

6-LinkedIn Treasure Map

A proprietary guide on how to maximize your use of LinkedIn in your guerrilla marketing efforts to get your dream job

7-Interview Aikido

A technique that enables you to take control of the interview, discover employers' objections, and help them to overcome their own objections

8-Job Offer Guarantee 

Clients who purchase complete packages (including Career Strategy Sessions) and do their part will receive unlimited help until they accept a job offer

9-Job Search Toolbox

A proprietary guide teaching you how to tailor your cover letter and resume to new positions, how to network your way into a job you will love, and more

10-HR Advisory Board

Opportunity to learn from and mingle with senior HR executives who will share the latest in employment trends

11-The YES Inner Circle

Network of previous and current clients willing to help each other with introductions to their private networks, as well as job opportunities

12-Advancement Roadmap

Coaching and strategies for how to achieve the most at your new position to expedite your career success

13-Proven Results

Our latest research shows that our median/average client is contacted by 9 recruiters, interviews with 5 employers, and gets 2 offers in 8 weeks, gaining a 15% increase in pay

14-Exceptional ROI

With investments as little as $3-$20/month, you can get a job you will love before you even spend $100 out of pocket!