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Welcome to YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services, one of the top-rated Washington DC professional resume writing and career coaching services. We are the nation’s top-rated company for USAJobs-style federal resumes! We are here to help you get a job that you will love. The Washington DC metro area is one of the most competitive job markets for highly paid jobs in the federal and private sectors. The private sector, of course, includes a large concentration of nonprofits and international development organizations.

 Most of our clients are accomplished senior or mid-career Washington DC professionals. They are looking for professional DC resume writing services that can help them land opportunities that will further their career. Many of our clients are professionals in fields like information technology (IT), government, government contracting, and nonprofits/associations. We also have numerous clients working in sales/business development, marketing, finance, engineering, public relations, law, education, human resources, and healthcare. All of them need DC resume writing services to get ahead and stay competitive with their peers. There are also many federal employees who are looking 

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for career coaching services that, in addition to their resume, can help them facilitate their transition to the private sector. We also work with clients transitioning from the private sector to the federal government sector. Similarly, our clients include members of the armed forces who are looking for DC resume writing services that can help them transition from the military to a civilian job.

How to get a job at the best companies in the Washington DC area?

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Unlike other DC resume writing services, we are a full-service career success business. We offer regular and USAJobs federal resume writing, cover letter writing, LinkedIn profile building, interview coaching, career coaching, and business coaching.

Unique among DC resume writing services, our staff must pass our own stringent resume writing certificating program. Our president, Katherine Akbar, an award-winning author and communications expert, designed and leads this program. 

Well, over a thousand of our clients either have been or are at a new job at organizations such as these:

  • The Advisory Board
  • Amazon
  • American Association of Retired People (AARP)
  • Apple
  • Bank of America
  • Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Capital One
  • CareFirst
  • Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
  • Chemonics
  • CVS
  • Dell
  • Deloitte
  • Discovery
  • Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
  • FDIC
  • General Electric (GE)
  • Global Communities
  • Hewlett Packard (HP)
  • IBM
    • Inova
    • International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    • Kaiser Permanente
    • KPMG
    • Lockheed Martin
    • Marriott
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Politico
    • The United Nations
    • U.S. Department of Defense (DoD, often at the Pentagon)
    • U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    • U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    • U.S. Department of State
    • U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
    • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
    • U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    • Verizon
    • Western Union
    • The White House
    • The World Bank
    • Visa

    If you are visiting this page. you may be asking questions like these:

    I am great at what I do, and I have a great resume. Why am I not getting interviews?

    While you may be an expert in your own field, you may have less experience in written communications that focus on the needs of your prospective employer. This may include messaging that invokes excitement and positive feelings of anticipation as they visualize the benefits of having you on their team. You may be interested in learning about ideas for improving your resume. You are also welcome to benefit from our free career success consultation. We can review your resume and provide feedback on adjustments to make to your resume. Many of the best professional resume writing services in Washington DC are known to provide similar services.

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    I have had many interviews. Why am I not getting any offers?

    Getting interviews with no offers is probably even more frustrating and disappointing than getting no interviews! There are probably numerous reasons for your interview performance. You can discuss these during your consultation with us. One thing is for sure: if you are interviewing with a company, they have already determined that you are technically competent for the position. Now you may need to explore the softer interview skills and inner game to get offers more consistently. That is why we invented our proprietary interview technique, Interview AikidoTM. It gives you the upper hand in managing the process and influencing the outcome of the interview. We are the only DC career coaching company that provides this unique and proprietary technique. You can also learn more about these techniques during your free career success consultation.

    What should I do if I hate my high-paying Washington DC job?

    What happened? Is this a job you have always hated, or does the dissatisfaction have more to do with your growth, organizational changes, or the people you are working with? Either way, you may want to have a free career success consultation to figure out your options. Having helped thousands of clients, we can assure you that the possibilities for your future are far more than you have imagined. And no—in 90% of cases, we are not saying you should go to school to retool yourself. Rather, you want to talk to DC career coaching services that can help you assess your skills, personality, and values so you can re-brand yourself if necessary. In addition to the traditional route of applying for posted jobs, we train our clients on how to evaluate opportunities for fit and explore new possibilities on the hidden job market.

    What should I do when my experience doesn’t match any jobs on Indeed, etc.?

    At the end of this document, we list resources for both traditional job search and networking. However, if you are not seeing many jobs you feel comfortable applying for, you may benefit from a free career success consultation. In addition to the process of evaluating and re-branding yourself, you may benefit from exploring the hidden job market. We will show you how to find the 38% of positions that are not even advertised. These opportunities may provide you with even a more exciting and promising source of possibilities. To learn more about these strategies, schedule your free consultation with us.

    Where should I look for a new job in Washington DC?

    Have a professional DC career coaching service help you clarify your goals and strategies for your job search. Then let a DC resume writing service rewrite your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile and make them search-engine optimized. We provide a guide that includes strategies for using your resume, networking skills, and 14 area headhunters to find the perfect job for you. You may want to engage YES to learn and practice Interview AikidoTM. Practicing our networking and interviewing techniques may give you the edge for success you are missing. Interview AikidoTM can be used not only in your interviews but also during what we call market research meetings. You may want to research some of the following resources to identify the type of places you would like to work. We can then share with you soft strategies to develop relationships at—and “break into”—companies similar to those you find here:

    Over the next ten weeks, every Tuesday, we'll be doing a weekly video about what you can do to ensure you stay in or get a secure job you love:

    • 3 Ways to Inoculate Your Career Against COVID-19
    • Working from Home Without Losing Your Mind—April 14
    • Should You Stay or Start a Job Search?—April 21
    • Staying Safe at Work Amid COVID-19—April 28
    • Last Hired, Most Valued—May 5
    • Will You Gain or Lose Salary If You Change Jobs?—May 12
    • Does Your Employer Care About You?—May 19
    • Growing and Shrinking Industries in 2020—May 26
    • Job Searching in the COVID-19 Era—June 2
    • How to Choose the Best Career Success Services—June 9

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    Non-profits in the Washington DC Metro Area

    Best Places to Work in the Washington DC Metro Area

    For those who are interested in more traditional job search methods, consider the following:

    Job Fairs in the Washington DC Metro Area

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    Some of our clients prefer to have their career, business, or interview coaching sessions in person. Other than that, all our work is done online or by phone, as we support our clients globally. 

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