How to land your dream job

in 8 weeks or less

earning 20% more

without applying online.

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A personal note from the author

Welcome to the course “How to get rapidly promoted or land your dream job in 8 weeks or less, earning 20% or more, without applying online.”

I have been in tough career straits in my own life. So, I can relate to all types of career challenges. In the mid 80's (that is before email or internet), I had to find my way back to the US after being laid off in Southeast Asia! I have used all the strategies you will be learning in this course to again and again land jobs for which I was not even the best candidate. Over the past 30 years, I have transformed these strategies, using both technology as well as psychology of influence into a proven framework and have helped over 1,000 senior and mid-career professionals to land their dream job.

Join me for a course, including valuable tools, that I am confident will transform the way you approach job search, career success, and perhaps other aspects of life.

All the best,