How to Work with YES (video)

Katherine Akbar:
Did you know that you only have six seconds to impress a recruiter with your resume and cover letter, and that only the top 2% of people get interviewed for any position? Writing a resume and cover letter that will get you interviews is not easy. When you work with YES, you provide your information and answer our questions, then put up your feet while three or four of our resume experts get to work on creating the perfect documents for you. You're going to have your client success manager, your interviewer, drafter, editor, and possibly another editor to work with you afterwards to make sure that you reach complete satisfaction, whereas most companies are going to give you one person. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you get your edge for success, we offer a free half hour phone consultation where you can discuss your job search and career goals. Visit us at or call us at 2027403032.