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Have you been frustrated trying to...

Get into Another Field or

Land a More Rewarding Position

Has it been hard to land a job

you will love?

The Secret of Getting the Offer even When You Are Not The Best Candidate

Look I admit that hiring is a complex process.  But let me share a secret with you: Most people involved with the hiring process are great at their day to day jobs, but not at hiring!The real reason you get or don’t get the offer is not what you hear from the HR. That is, if you hear back at all. While I’ll be unpacking this for you, let me leave you with a tip. Psychologists have proven that people buy emotionally. Then they try to justify it rationally.  Your prospective employer does the same to you.
So, how can you use this knowledge to your advantage?

Job Search Aikido Creator

I am Michael Akbar

Creator of Job Search Aikido™

As a career coach I helped hundreds of professionals transition to new fields in private sector. I helped executives transition in and out of the federal government. I helped retired military build new careers. And others to build successful businesses.

But long before that, I worked for all sizes of companies. I enjoyed the benefits of working for an employer. Also, the politics, and the frustrations.  I have experienced the anxieties, and the uncertainties of making a career transition.

Heck, once I even got laid off not long after my employer transferred me to Singapore.

Using the same unconventional techniques you will learn in this course, I thrived. More than once, I got hired in industries I knew little about making well over $375,000/year.

After I was laid off overseas, the same strategies helped me get a job with GE with a single phone interview. They even moved me back to the States - all expenses paid.

Here's the Bad News
for Your Competition

Every day, millions of people who know nothing about sales, direct marketing or copywriting “polish” and send out their resume. Then they sit by the (e)mailbox hoping to hear back. You know, most never hear back.

In the approach I took for my career success, the resume became an afterthought. In the same way, talking to HR typically happened after I had already won the hearts and minds of my next boss.

Back to those who submit resume and the few who make it to an interview. Millions each day don’t make it past the first interview and never get to know why.

Of those who eventually get the offer, most typically have no idea what salary they could’ve asked for.  Nor would they know how they could’ve gathered the intel to help them negotiate better.

The saddest part is that so many apply for jobs knowing it will never make them happy or help their career. They never take the time to figure what to aim for in the first place! But not you.

Job search aikido quote 1

"One of the only ways to get out of a tight box is to invent your way out."

–– Jeff Bezos

Here's the Good
News for You

You want to be fair, ethical, and act lawfully. Other than those, there are no rules on how to achieve your career success. Except maybe this one:

That’s exactly how I succeeded in my career. By inventing strategies that went in the face of conventional job search “wisdom”.  

Using unconventional strategies often meant being the only candidate. I had more flexibility to negotiate. And I started my jobs having already created strong relationships with my boss and peers.

You can use these same strategies to break through barriers and earn 18% more. That includes moving to a new field or a position with growth potential that excites you.

Now, I must warn you; these strategies are not for everyone.

Job search aikido quote 2

"There is no passion to be found in playing small—in settling for a life that is less than you are capable of living."

–– Nelson Mandela

Do You ✅
any of these Boxes?

Is your job costing you money? Are you not earning what you know you are worth?

Do you experience a toxic work environment? Do you feel unfulfilled, or unappreciated

Are you stuck because you don’t know what could be next for you?

Are you physically and emotionally exhausted by trying to make a change on your own?

Are you discouraged and demoralized by the lack of response?

Are you not finding what you want?

Are you tired of living unhappy knowing that there must be a job you can love?

Are you tired of the kind of work you have been doing but have no idea or success in making a transition?

Does the idea of separating from the Federal government or military send a shiver down your spine?

Do you get offers but for the same dead ends jobs you trying to get away from?

Do you want new challenges and learning new skills, while earning more, and being happier?

Are you unwilling to settle for a mediocre job, salary, boss, or life?

If you checked any of the boxes, your best bet is an unconventional job search strategy.

Getting the Job
You Will Love

One time, I found out that not only, was I laid off but also, I had only two weeks to either find a new job or leave the country. I knew I needed more than a resume to pull that off.

That started me on a journey that culminated in building the Job Search Aikido™ system.

Aikido (way of harmonizing energy) is a Japanese martial arts system. It aims to turn the strength and momentum of a superior opponent to your advantage.

In this career success course, you will learn to leverage the energy and resources of others. You will do this while honoring other people's needs and interests.

Back in the States I test drove the system by volunteering at Fairfax County jail!

Inmates whose most notable record was their “records”, used Job Search Aikido™ to get a decent job. Imagine the level of success people at professional, management or even c-level have experienced.

You too, can use unconventional techniques to get jobs you can only dream of. The first step is to get the dream right.

Benefits You Can Expect

from Job Search Aikido™

Your dream job x2 faster

Helps you figure out your strength. You will be more motivated and effective in getting what you want-- with ease, 2X faster than national average.


That means $12,000-$24,000 increase in pay for average student. That also means for every month you delay acting, you lose $1,000-$2,000!


You will learn the mental techniques. You will have a structured approach and a tool. It's like having a caring accountability partner.


Because of your discovery and preparation in this course, your next job will meet the cross section of your dreams, strengths, interests, and values.


Helps you figure out your options. The focus and clarity will help you save energy and end up with a job that gives you immense satisfaction.


You will gain and train a network of advocates. They will validate your direction, provide new insights and options, and get you in front of decision makers.


With Interview Aikido people will want to help you. You will get interviewers to overcome their own objections about you.


You will learn how to collect negotiation intel early on. You will use our proprietary technique to get an offer no less than your wildest dream.


The skills you learn, the actions you take and the relationships you build will be lifelong assets. Landing the next job you want becomes effortless.

The Reptilian Brains vs
Your Career Success

I’m told that human brain was last evolved at least 120,000 years ago. An older part of it is wired for survival and the avoidance of danger.  They refer to it as the Reptilian Brain.

People you interview or network with live in the 21st century. Their frontal lobe is listening to your eloquent stories. But, closer to their spine another conversation is going on:

“When I come out of the cave to find food is this person going to hunt me or protect me from the tigers and lions?”

You need to tame the reptilian brain. Then you can win interviews or make people believe in your potential and advocate for you.

This is the key that sets this course apart. Master these techniques and people will choose you despite your "gaps"

Even better, employers will come up with their own idea on how to fill your gaps. And people always love their own idea!

What You Will Discover

in the Job Search Aikido™ Course Modules


Find Your Diamonds

How to find out and leverage your competitive advantage.  This will speed up your career transition.


Mind your Values

A system to find out what you really want in a job and make sure you get it, ending up in the right place.


Career Success Filter

How to use a software to narrow down your choices to the best options.  You will avoid wasting your time chasing your tail.


Who's on Your Side

How to identify, grow, and leverage your fans, supporters, and advocates. They can make finding and landing your dream job becomes effortless.


Company Shopping

Why and how to come up with a list of companies as opposed to jobs to pursue. Rules for dropping and adding to your prospect list.


LinkedIn Treasure Hunt

How to use LinkedIn to find target companies, your champions, and build meaningful, productive relations.


Fearless Inner Game

How to make sure that, rather than stopping you, your thoughts make you unstoppable. Unstoppable in the pursuit of your
dream job.


Best foot Forward

Resume and LinkedIn profile tips that project your value to a prospective employer.


Executive Access

How to bypass HR and meet with key decision makers.


Master the Story

You got the job. Now what? How to start strong and make sure you are valued, appreciated, promoted, and sought after.


Executive Whisper

How to charm and enlist people to champion your success.


Interview Aikido

How to manage your interviews. Make interviewers fall in love with you. Help them justify choosing you over more qualified candidates.


Campaign Navigator

A software tool to keep you on track and manage your activities. Keep yourself accountable, and significantly more productive.


Compensation G2

How to start collecting tips and hints in advance of your salary negotiations. So you can ask for and get no less than what you want.


The Formula

How to negotiate so you can get no less than what you want while making the employer feel they won the negotiation!


Bonus Tips

You got the job. Now what? How to start strong and make sure you are valued, appreciated, promoted, and sought after.

Additionally, I have enclosed a second bonus. My Personal Journey is a fun account of how I applied all these secrets to my own career success. And how you can do the same.

Job search aikido quote 3

"The best investment you can make is in yourself."

–– Warren Buffet

Why Job
Search Aikido™

I went on to work for great companies like GE and IBM. Started up companies in software and financial services. I mastered the art of reaching out and influencing senior executives. I applied these skills in...

Our Clients

Job search aikido quote review 3

Sharon McCabe


"The first job I applied for with my new YES revised resume, I was asked to interview. Michael helped me narrow down what to look for and how to find those jobs. I ended up getting an offer for a job supervising the position I originally applied for!"

Job search aikido quote review 2

Jonathan Marks

Public Policy Professional

"Michael was a real help to me while I was in the job hunt..
His guidance, inspiration and coaching along with other YES
services that were offered made the difference in me having
the confidence to get the job I wanted. I would highly
recommend Michael and YES for any of the above!"

Job search aikido quote review 1

Sydney Hannah-Holliday

Senior Director, Customer Engagement Initiatives

"I was trying to determine what I wanted to do next and decided
to find the best career coach I could. Michael helped me choose
what kind of roles to look for, how to position myself, and overall
professional success. The immediate result came in the form of a promotion to a senior director."

Module 01.


Leverage your personality, strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes

Find your competitive advantage and the best roles

How to find and build your target companies and contacts

Module 02.


Master your inner game- The empirical and advanced mindset

Build your deck of cards, your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn Profile

Learn and leverage Aikido to build and expand your network of advocates

Module 03.

Action & Results

How to get the most out of our contact management and ensure taking actions

How to meet your outreach goals, how to reach out, who to reach out to, what to say, what to come away with

Networking events, gain negotiation intel during interviews, get the offer, exceed your compensation expectation

Job search aikido quote 4

"The best way to predict the future is to create it."

—Abraham Lincoln

Choose Your Investment

Job Search Aikido™

Our signature online course

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Immediate Start

Access to All Modules


Career Rocket Fuel

Job Search Aikido™ Plus

1 Resume & Cover Letter

Your LinkedIn Profile

Interview Training

Live Interview Practice


Ultimate Bundle for Guaranteed Success

Career Rocket Fuel Plus

8 Career Coaching Sessions

Job Offer Guarantee


100% Satisfaction
Guarantee for 30-Days

If, for any reason, you don't course, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

Even More Clients

Job search aikido quote review 6

Michael Hamm

Senior Lead Technologist

"Michael and his team have helped me tremendously in my
job search. They provided excellent resume and letter
writing services, as well as coaching and training on how to
interview. Truly professional and they really know what

Job search aikido quote review 5

Annette Knuckle

director of brand management

"The mock interview was amazing. Katherine's feedback was
very direct and helped me land interviews. Michael provided
good advice and feedback during the coaching sessions and
the YES Team went above and beyond to help me."

Job search aikido quote review 4

Mary Miller

Senior technical program manager

"Michael's patience and ability to listen for what was
possible was pretty amazing. I had not experienced
that kind of listening from someone who was also great
at career coaching."

Asked Questions

What is covered in this course?

This course starts by helping you identify your strengths and pitfalls. While as human beings we can do anything, professions that leverage our strength and avoids are pitfalls can bring more happiness and satisfaction.

You will then get complete clarity on the criteria you want to use to choose your next direction, among various options open to you. You will also be provided with a tool to make a quantitative comparison between your options.

If you are comparing job descriptions, another tool will help you determine if you can be among the top 20% to compete for that opportunity.

The course provides an extensive coverage of how to motivate yourself for success.

How to build stories to map your accomplishments to employer’s pain points and needs

Most people think they have either no network or a “useless” one. In this course you will learn to take a different look at who you know and what they can do for you.

You will learn how to expand your network beyond people you know and how to turn and motivate people to become your advocates and help you open up new opportunities.

You will learn how to leverage people you know as well as influential people you don’t know to learn how you can become a better match for positions you want to go after.

You will learn how to approach people and make them interested and excited to meet or speak with you.

You will learn how to use these conversations, not only to learn about job opportunities, specific companies, etc. but also to make people fall in love and want to help you.

You will learn how to use informal conversations as well as formal interviews not only to impress people with your suitability for positions and even justify you in lieu of your gaps, but also learn tips you will use in negotiating better compensation.

You will learn the exact language to reach out for conversations with influencers and hiring managers.

You will learn the exact script on who to conduct formal and informal conversation with people who can hire you or refer you for the positions you want.

You will learn guerrilla salary negotiation.

Can you explain the price of this course?

This is not a generic career success course. Its intended audience is limited to:

Those who want to break through barriers and expedite their ascendance to higher positions in their industry,
Those who would like to transition to a new industry, and
Those who want to start in an industry but do not want to compete with thousands of others who follow a conventional path.
With these consideration in mind this course is designed to provide significant return on investment (ROI) to its audience.

Based on the responses to our polling, the average increase in salary for the students of this course has been around 18% that translates into a return on investment of around 6091% in the first year.

Note that this is just the ROI for the first year whereas in reality the student of this course is earning somewhere between $12,000-$24,000 more than their initial salary every year.


In what format is this course offered?

Currently the course is available in a self-paced online video format. In addition to the video presentation, you are also provided with software tools and reference documents. While the course is self-paced, because this is a action and outcome-oriented course you will find it most beneficial if build it into your plan and complete it without significant interruptions.

Does the course cover interview questions?

There can of course be millions of interview questions. Rather than covering every single possibility, this course will cover some key strategic interview questions and answers that keep you in control of the meetings and for you to learn the employers pain points and map your stories to their needs. By using Job Search Aikido™, you will realize you don’t have to know the answer to all possible questions under the sun.

What kind of a success rate do you have?

We regularly poll our clients. Of those who respond the time to get their desired job varies between 8-12 weeks. The average increase in salary is 16% after having interviewed with at least 5 employers. We are trying to get better statistics for the number of people they network with, but we currently don’t have that number.

Why is this course less time consuming?

We have worked very hard to make this course as short as possible and if we can make it any shorter, we will.

The purpose of this course is to help you get a better paying job, or even more importantly one where you will be happy, as soon as possible.

This is an action-oriented course, and you will be working on it like a project. We don’t want that project to take forever, and nor do we think you do.

We would like you to measure the value of this course in your success rather than the amount of time you sit at the computer.

What kind of a guarantee do you provide?

We provide you with 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you do everything you will learn in this course, not only will be satisfied with the course, but also, we hope you be so happy that you will provide us with a positive review.

How can I afford this course?

First, you need to decide if the 6091% return on your investment is worth it or not. If you decide it is not, then it wouldn’t make sense for you to purchase this course.

However, if you decide that and extra $12000-$24000 per year is worth investing the $197, then here are a few options to consider:

 - You can save on the daily purchase of a non-essential item in the range of $6.5 and purchase the course in one month.

- You can put the purchase amount on a traditional credit card.

- You can use Affirm or PayPal promotion to pay as little as 1% of the price, interest free for 6 months. That amounts to paying $1.97 for six months

What kind of support is provided?

This course is designed to be self-sufficient and as such you should not need additional support. However, while my availability is very limited, I do my best to batch and answer as many questions as possible when I can.

When can I start applying for jobs?

We recommend that you at least complete the exercises that gives you a better sense of your strengths and preferences, so you can be more focus and targeted as you search for your next gig. Also, keep in mind that you will get the most out of this course if in addition to applying for job you conduct your so-called market research that will open additional opportunities for you to choose from.

Is the course available for ever?

As a purchased user the course will be available to you forever. However, if you are considering purchasing the course note that the course will be available for registration only at certain periods during the year.

Can I share this course with someone else?

Access to the online course and supporting material is exclusively for the user who has purchased the course. That said, sharing what you learn and the results you are getting is actually a powerful motivator to effectively use and benefit from this course.

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