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How to Trade Up Your Job

Loyalty is dead, at least from the employer’s side. You can and will be let go any time the employer decides your services no longer justify the expense. And statistics show that loyalty should be dead on the employee side too. “Employees Who Stay in Companies Longer than Two Years Get Paid 50% Less,” declared Forbes in […]

Interview Like a Cool Chick/Dude (part one)

Why do employers insist on interviews? Just to grill you torturously? Nope. It’s to find out more about what you are like as a person. By the time you get the interview, the employer has already determined that you meet the minimum qualifications and are among the best candidates they have seen. What does that […]

Self-Promotion and the Job Search

“I don’t like promoting myself, so that makes it tough to find a new job.” We at Your Edge for Success (YES), DC’s top-rated resume and career coaching company, hear this every week. Here’s the good news: most people dislike promoting themselves—and with good reason! Nobody likes a braggart. Religion, our parents, and life experience […]

Answering “What Do You Do?” to Advantage

Many people, especially men, dislike the question “What do you do?” They feel the person asking the question is about to judge them based on their response, sorting them into either “successful” or “not worth my time”—but is this true? Yes and no. When I ask this question, I am interested in whether or not […]