Are you frustrated by any of these challenges?

Employee disengagement

Loss of top performers

Poor employee performance

Teams struggling to achieve goals

As a leader do you

any of these boxes?

  •  The executive team is not fully aligned on strategic goals.
  •  Hiring managers are struggling to find the right talent. 
  •  Interpersonal tensions are impacting team results.
  •  The effectiveness of teams is hampered by personalities.
  •  The organization is suffering from poor morale, low productivity, and/or high turnover.

You are not alone. Find out how a complementary 1-1 Talent Strategy Session can provide you with objective data to optimize your business results.

Talent Optimization Solutions

Leverage Your Leadership Style

Understand your strengths and cautionary areas so you can optimize your self-management, leadership, and stakeholder relationships.

Turn Teams into Dream Teams

Clarify your priority business strategies. Design ideal teams, hire right, inspire your teams, and evaluate employee engagement.

Grow Your Results

By optimizing hiring, team composition, and leadership, you will position yourselves for spectacular return on investment. 

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Employee Engagement


Customer Engagement






Design Amazing Teams

Turn any team into a high-performing one.

When a group’s behavioral style does not align with leadership's strategic goals, a failure to achieve objectives can result. Build teams with data instead of going by gut feel. Stop wasting energy trying to help your team members get along; instead, get the job done. See why a team is struggling to reach its goals and learn exactly how to help them succeed. 


Hire the Best Talent

Help leaders across the organization hire strategically. When you hire a new employee, you alter the dynamics of the team. So you need to ensure you hire someone who fits the needed profile, not only in words but also in deeds.

To avoid stress and disappointment, enable hiring managers to define the behavioral style and cognitive ability needed for each role. Discover how well candidates match this profile to identify those fit for the team and for success. 


Inspire Employees

Help employees to achieve their full potential.

Coaching everyone the same way doesn't work, because people's needs and preferences vary. Each employee is wired to work and collaborate differently. Using a one-size-fits-all approach frustrates employees and builds resentments. This contributes to low retention of high performers. Help your managers understand themselves and how to mentor direct reports to optimize performance and drive team results.

Talent Optimization Framework


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Companies Using Talent Optimization Framework

Client reviews

Jameela Nuur - CEO  INTECaec

This process has helped us re-focus strategically. We are now closing on two $3M contracts that I directly attribute to working with Michael.

Silvio Renzi - CEO Previse Solutions

A great process for our teams to leverage their strengths, to execute and deliver on our strategy. The insight I got out of this simple and quick process was outstanding.

Chris Doyle - CEO Dolye Systems

I found a partner who has helped me define what my team needed to focus on to propel my business forward.

Learn how to turn challenges like employee disengagement, loss of top performers, poor employee performance, and teams struggling to achieve goals, into opportunities to

Crush Your Business Goals

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