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Do you have a top 2% resume and cover letter?

As one of nation's top resume services, we have found that employers today receive an average of 118 resumes for each job opening. Only the best 2% of resumes get an interview, and these may not include the best people for the job if their documents don’t show it.

Get into the YES (interview) pile

Research shows you have to (1) speak to the employers’ interests and (2) grab their attention within 6 seconds.

Even if writing is your strong suit, you may not be able to sell yourself in writing and get past the resume scanning machines. This is a technical writing task. We use Neuro-Linguistic Programming in our letters to appeal to different types of readers and send subconscious commands.

How to make your resume stand out? At YES, for a reasonable price, you get the interviewing, writing, and editing efforts of not 1 but 3 to 4 resume experts. This results in flawless, impactful, employer-friendly documents.

We constantly study our clients’ results. These are the findings as of April 16, 2020: Our median resume services client typically gets a new job in 8 weeks from resume finalization. Our average resume services client interviews with 5 different employers, is contacted by 12 recruiters if they get our LinkedIn, and gets 14% increased pay at the new job. That means the average client is getting a $8800 return on investment from working with us–plus increased happiness and improved quality of life. In other words, getting the assistance of YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services with your job search is an intelligent investment. Get the ebook:

Listen to YES President Katherine Metres Akbar on The Top 5 Resume, LinkedIn, and Interview Strategies for Job Search Success.

YES works with professionals in all fields, ranging from business, finance, and IT to health care, nonprofits, and government. We work with recent graduates, career changers, mid-career and senior professionals (our biggest market), and even retirees looking for their next challenge. Clients we work with (a) understand the value of investing in professional help to get an edge, and (b) are committed to actively leveraging the tools, skills, and support we provide them to achieve their goals.

We are the best resume writing service for you if you fit these criteria.  Call or email us today to arrange for your free half-hour consultation to determine which mix of services is best for you. Below are several of our 23 packages. Your consultant will recommend the best package for you, and then you can choose.

Career Success Packages

Our Proven Process

  • You get access to our software, which includes guidance on what information to provide to help us sell you best.
  • One of YES’ professional resume writers interviews you in writing or orally to enrich the content and address the keywords in your target job posting. 
  • A resume writer drafts your resume and cover letter(s), presenting you as the solution to the employer’s problem.
  • A senior editor edits your documents to ensure they will get you the interviews you need.
  • Five business days after we get all the information we need from you, you receive drafts that are pleasing to the eye, easy to read, and on target for what motivates employers to hire you.
Save time and money and lighten your carbon footprint

Except for Career Strategy Sessions and mock interviews, which you may do either in person or by phone, we do everything by phone and Internet. No running around, no burning hydrocarbons, no killing trees … YES’ 100% green process uses no paper and requires no transportation. It saves you time and gas money and saves the planet too.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed

If you need any changes within 30 days, we are happy to take care of them for free.

The point is …

You find a better job or get back to work, on average 6 weeks from finalizing your resume. Then, how to celebrate? Champagne? Dinner with your sweetie pie? A massage? A vacation before your start date?

For your free 30-minute consultation, Call, Email, or Schedule Online now.

We can’t wait to give you your edge for success.