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It’s not easy to select a resume writing service. After all, you need to be able to trust that a company will represent you in the best possible way in front of your prospective employer. A professionally written resume can be the difference between landing an interview for your dream job and getting completely stuck on the path to your career goals. We have some ideas on what makes a good resume writing service (and we do our best to fulfill our own criteria) but your situation may be unique. To understand where you should go, it’s important to understand your own priorities.

So, to help you decide which resume writing service is best for you, we have enclosed an evaluation tool below that will help you on how to select the best resume writing service. The remainder of this article will provide you with insights on how to use this tool to your advantage.

YES’s Unique Benefits

We’d be remiss to not mention that there are some benefits to doing things the YES way that we didn’t outline in our previous article. First of all, our continued support is the best in the business, with unlimited rewrites and feedback for 30 days after the first drafting. Even if, somehow, our team of pros gets it completely wrong on the first drafting, we will make it right - no questions asked.

Then, after you’ve used the resume and our guidance to apply for some jobs, your team will check in with you again to make sure you’re landing job interviews. If not, a YES certified professional resume writer will schedule time with you to help you to master our method for tweaking your resume and cover letter for each job you apply to. That way, the dreaded applicant tracking systems will work in your favor, instead of against you.

We like to say that our philosophy for how we help our clients is encapsulated by the proverb from Lao Tzu, “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Our goal is for our resume service to allow you to apply for as many jobs as you need to without returning to us for additional help - until you’re ready to take your career to the next level, that is.

This philosophy applies to our career strategy coaching and the Interview Aikido technique as well. Once you’ve learned and internalized our methods for accessing the hidden job market and charming hiring managers, you’ll be able to land ideal roles completely independently.

So, why are we in the coaching business if our clients end up as job hunting experts? It’s because our real goal is to be a continued partner for advancing your career and maximizing your success in the workplace after you’ve already met your first goal. Unless the job you get when working with us is so great that you want to stay in until you retire (which we would love) you’ll probably want a promotion or a change of scenery at some point. At that point, the YES team will be here for you for whatever you need, whether it’s a new resume and cover letter that sell you for a new industry, a refresher on preparing for job interviews, or guidance on if changing jobs is right for you.


At YES, we think that clients usually have about nine criteria. These are the likelihood of landing an interview, overall quality, return on investment, customer service, a free consultation, assistance in targeting the job search, continued support throughout the process, overall turnaround time, and secure and reliable infrastructure. We cover these criteria, and more, in our article Resume Writing Services the Best 9 in USA 2024.

Job Interview Likelihood

Why go to the trouble of paying experts to write your resume if you don’t know that you’re going to land an interview? Good resume writing services should have a strong track records, with many testimonials of clients saying that they successfully landed job interviews with the resumes they have received. It’s also an absolute must for the resume you receive to be optimized to get through applicant tracking systems.

Overall Quality

This should go without saying, but if you’re paying for a resume, it should be of high quality. A professional looking font, readable format, and to-the-point accomplishments are must haves in resumes these days. Recruiters can afford to be picky. A high level of quality should be achievable whether you’re hiring a freelance writer, a full-time pro, or a copywriter helping you as a side-gig.

A certified resume writer from an organization like the national resume writers association can be a good choice. In any case though, quality is sure to be higher if there’s more than one experienced resume writer working on your document - that is - an editor working alongside the person who’s drafting the resume or cover letter. Don’t think of this as the writer outsourcing their attention to detail, instead consider the value of having someone reading over every line of the document on which the future of your career may ride.

Return on Investment

Let’s face it, pricing is going to be a factor in your decision. While only you can decide what your budget may be, keep in mind that ultimately, a new job can make a big difference in your financial situation, over only just a few months. If a resume writer has a proven track record of helping their clients get higher-paying jobs, it’s probably worth paying a little more for that premium quality.

Remember, time spent on your job search is time you can’t spend earning your new salary. The best resume writing services will pay for themselves by getting you employed at a better job quickly.

Customer Service

When you’re looking at reviews for a resume service, make sure that good customer service is mentioned! Beyond simple politeness, the service you choose should offer a personal touch through the consultation, drafting process, revisions, job applications, and beyond. Job hunting can be emotional, so make sure to partner up with a team that will make you feel taken care of.

Free Consultation

A consultation, either face to face or over zoom, can do a lot to help you get a feel for the resume writing experts you’ll be dealing with. It’s also a great chance for the resume writing services providers to get a feel for you by asking you about your career goals, what your dream job is, whether you’ll be in need of cover letter writing, and just generally if their service is a good fit for you. For this reason, resume writing consultations should be free and leave space for you to ask as many questions as necessary.

Don’t pay for a thing until you know what you’re getting and who you’re getting it from. A reputable resume writing service will be up front in the consultation about their process, and the benefits of their services.

Assistance in Targeting the Job Search

The resume writing services you speak to should take the time in the consultation to learn about your experience, qualifications, and what kind of jobs you’re targeting. The service should also take the time to make sure that the types of jobs you are targeting are within your reach, so you don’t end up wasting your money optimizing a resume for a job that you aren’t qualified for.

Additionally, if you’re not sure what job you should be targeting, it helps to be able to speak to experienced experts who are able to tell from looking at a job description whether a given client will be likely to land a job interview when they apply.

Continued Support

The best resume writing services won’t leave job seekers on their own once they deliver the final draft of the resume. The resume you purchase should come with the guidance you need to tweak it for different job listings, so you have the best shot at adapting your personal brand to each job you apply to. 

Writers should also check in later to see how your applications are doing, and ideally, provide some guidance on how to course-correct if things aren’t going well. We believe this should be available even for a-la-carte services, not just premium subscription-based services like reverse recruiting. 

It also helps to be able to get other services from the same place. A high quality resume, a good cover letter, and LinkedIn profile optimization should work together cohesively to accelerate your job search journey.

Turnaround Time

The resume writing service you pick should meet your timeline. Of course, if a job listing you must apply to is closing soon, sooner is better, but in most cases, a slightly longer drafting timeline is an indicator of care and greater quality. 

A rewritten resume that arrives in your inbox near-instantly after you purchase can be an indicator of a rushed product, ghostwriting by underpaid overseas contractors, or an AI based document lacking the human touch you’re paying for. After all, resume templates are easy to find online and in word processing programs, so a professionally crafted resume ought to take the time to go beyond a simple plug-and-play.

Secure and Reliable Infrastructure

Secure and reliable infrastructure might seem like a strange factor to consider, but many people want to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Especially when working with an independent service or a freelancer, you can be relying on a system with a single point of failure. If the worst happens and they lose your information, have computer trouble, or simply encounter a personal emergency, the timeliness or quality of your resume might suffer.

Of course, you may be able to get a refund, but that’s a small comfort if your dream job passes you by because you were waiting on your resume writer. It’s better to have a whole team of experts on your side with a dedicated system that can withstand emergencies with a dedicated app or website.

How to customize your own criteria

Of course, your prioritization of these criteria is probably unique, and you may have needs we haven’t even thought of! To discuss how these needs can be met, we recommend signing up for a free consultation. YES Career Success Consultations are completely obligation free, and our Client Success Advisors are adept at helping clients figure out exactly what services are right for them. 

At the very least, you’ll gain some valuable insights on strategies for leveraging your resume, LinkedIn, and interviewing skills to accelerate your job search, all without spending a cent! You’ll be able to ask about our full range of services, see resume examples, and hear about how our resume writers have helped thousands of job seekers.

Ideally, the perks we offer make it easy for you to choose your resume writing service (and we hope you choose YES!) But, to help you make sure, we’ve created a free interactive resume writer evaluation tool which will allow you to:

  • define your own criteria,
  • assign your own weights to the importance of those criteria and
  • rate the companies you will be evaluating in order
  • change ratings as you learn more about each company

Use the tool below to find your ideal resume writing service.

Start by reading about a few different resume services, including YES. For ease of use, we have ranked the best of 2024 in our own article here. Then, figure out which criteria are the most important to you. You can use the terms we have outlined above or your customize your own terms that suit your specific needs. Assign weights to each criteria based on what is most important to you. Then, score each company, service, or resume builder you have researched on each criteria based on your own impression, reviews, and testimonials. A higher score is better! If the ratings are close, you can make your final decision between resume writing services based on pricing.

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