The 11 Best AI Resume Builders of 2024: Everything You Need to Know

For many job seekers, writing a new resume is one of the most tedious aspects of applying for positions. If the mere thought of writing (or re-writing) a resume evokes feelings of dread, you’ve probably considered using an AI resume builder.
However, there’s a lot of controversy and mixed information about the use of artificial intelligence in writing your resume. Fortunately, you don’t have to navigate all the noise alone. The YES team tried 11 of the best AI resume-building tools. Below, we share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our experiences.
Before deciding on how to write or update your resume, review the section on Key Considerations When Choosing an AI Resume Writer

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The Best AI Resume Builders at a Glance

Here’s a quick look at the AI-based resume builders featured on our list:
Rezi AIModerate (easy upload but issues with details)Moderate (useful suggestions but some inaccuracies)Expert review for a fee
Kick ResumeModerate (no resume upload, labor-intensive process)Moderate (tends to be wordy)Real-time resume scoring
ResumA.I.Good (similar to Rezi)Moderate (useful suggestions)Shared database with Rezi AI
Resumaker.AIModerate (attractive but limited templates)Low (limited AI functionality)Pre-written examples based on job titles 
SkillroadsGood (straightforward interface)Moderate (some questionable tips)Smart Resume Review
Teal HQModerate (integration issues with job tracker)Moderate (AI-written summaries need refining)Free Chrome extension
Wonsulting.aiGood (simple, clean template)Good (free resume review call)AI-suggested bullets using tokens 
Jasper AILow (aggressive upsell, no free trial)Not evaluated Upsell strategy before trial 
Career.IOModerate (template options but requires membership)Moderate (useful for common job titles)Phrase suggestions based on job titles
ChatGPTGood (helpful in structure and ideas)Moderate (lacks nuance and understanding)Versatile for brainstorming and keyword identification
GeminiGood (advisory role, user-driven)Low (does not perform resume steps; gives outdated samples)Guidance on writing resumes 
Each of these AI resume writers comes with some unique perks as well as some glaring limitations. The only experience that was wholly negative was our interaction with Jasper AI, as the platform uses extremely aggressive upselling strategies without allowing users to demo the product.

The Basics of AI Resume Builders

What’s an AI resume builder? An AI resume builder is any software or application that uses artificial intelligence to help you create, improve, or revamp an existing resume. Most of these tools are also capable of writing or tweaking your cover letter.Some AI resume builders feature templates and tips for improving your content. Other platforms offer real-time rating features that assign your resume a numerical or letter-based score.
 What all AI resume builders have in common is the type of artificial intelligence they use. These applications use generative AI (gen AI). Gen AI analyzes your input and generates a response, usually in a text format. For instance, telling an AI resume builder “Write me a resume” will generate a generic resume. The quality of the response hinges on several factors, including the amount of detail you provide and the sophistication of the AI. If you provide lots of information about your work experiences and accolades, the higher-end AI resume builders can weave this data into their responses.
11 Popular AI-Based Resume Builders

During our survey of AI resume builders, the YES team took advantage of free trial offers on ten top options. We also included Jasper AI, which we attempted to take for a test drive but couldn’t due to its pushy sales strategy. Here’s what we discovered:

1. Rezi AI

Rezi AI impressed us with its upload feature. We were able to upload our sample resume directly into the platform, which made improving it a whole lot easier. However, we quickly ran into a few issues with Rezi AI:

  • We never received the LinkedIn link.
  • The response included duplicated bullets.
  • Employer names in the upload were left out.
  • The AI resume builder invented accomplishments.
  • Rezi AI also added months to the list of experience, which only included years.
But overall, Rezi AI was one of the best AI resume builders we tried. Unfortunately, it included a few last-minute surprises.
For instance, the platform offers an “expert review” for $8. While the fee itself is very affordable, the reviewer simply cleans up any discrepancies between the source content and the new resume, so don’t get too excited about it.
 Once you are happy with your content and try to download the resume, you’ll run into another paywall. Again, the fee is low, but we would have appreciated Rezi AI’s being upfront about the charges.

2. Kick Resume

Kick Resume makes sign-up a breeze—you can create an account with an existing LinkedIn profile. There are many templates to choose from. After the nice introduction to Kick Resume, we ran into these problems, though:

  • A lack of resume-uploading options
  • A labor-intensive creation process
  • Wordy responses
For instance, one of our testers included the following bullet point in their input: “Almost quintupled company revenue in the 3 years after establishing business in metro Washington, DC.”
Kick Resume turned this into the following, not-quite-grammatical response: “Demonstrated outstanding business growth by nearly quintupling company revenue within a span of 3 years subsequent to establishing operations in the competitive metro Washington, DC.”

The platform turned a concise 15-word bullet into a 25-word bullet missing a word, an increase of 40%. While adding ten words to your resume may not sound like a big deal, increasing the entire document by 40% could make it much less readable and compelling.
Kick Resume offers proofreading for $26. It gives a turnaround time of two business days or less. If you sign up for the premium version, you’ll also receive a resume score, which adjusts in real time as you modify your document. But how good is this proofreading? Who knows?

3. ResumA.I.

ResumA.I. is connected to the Rezi AI platform. It already had the resume we created on Rezi AI and identical pricing. The interface was virtually identical, too, with the exception of the logo. The downsides of ResumA.I.:

  • It doesn’t offer any unique value.
  • It likely sources data from Rezi AI.
If you are interested in using an AI resume, you’d be better off using Rezi AI, as it appears to be the parent solution. You aren’t going to get any unique functionality from ResumA.I.—you’ll simply be spreading your data onto a secondary platform.

4. Resumaker.AI

The three previous AI resume builders set a good first impression before demonstrating their shortcomings. Conversely, Resumaker.AI concerned us from the start but later revealed a few redeeming qualities. The platform does allow you to download your current resume or CV and has lots of templates, but they all feel cluttered. Other concerns:

  • Most templates include a photo, which is inappropriate on the U.S. market.
  • The platform doesn’t offer a “state” field.
  • The software appears to be designed for international users, not U.S. job seekers.
  • Information from our upload got lost in translation.
Our biggest concern is that the platform asks for lots of personal information. We recommend omitting everything but the basics, as putting any extra data about yourself on an unproven platform is begging to be a victim of identity theft.
We have concerns that the platform is selling the extra information. That’s because most of the supplemental information it requests isn’t something you should ever include on a resume. But then again, this is more of an international CV-type of document.

5. Skillroads

If you are looking for an AI resume builder that offers a fast sign-up process, Skillroads delivers. You can log in with Facebook to save time. The platform will ask you to confirm your email, but we skipped this step and were able to use Skillroads without issue. Some concerns we uncovered:

  • Unclear pricing for premium features
  • Lots of add-on expenses
  • Some suggestions didn’t fit the context of our resume.
  • Other pieces of advice were just plain bad.
Skillroads has a Smart Resume Review feature that is user-friendly and engaging. It accurately pointed out some of the flaws and strong points in the resume we uploaded. However, some suggestions were questionable at best. For instance, Skillroads suggested that we add an “Accomplishments” section.
The platform also scored the relevance of our resume. Ordinarily, this would be a welcome feature. However, we didn’t input a target job description, which means the relevance score was baseless.

6. Teal HQ

Teal HQ is less of a niche AI resume builder and more of a job search optimization platform. It offers a free Chrome extension, which you can use to save contacts, companies, jobs, and resumes. If you don’t have a system for tracking your applications, Teal HQ’s extension might be a good fit.
As for the AI side, Teal HQ allows you to upload your resume or import your LinkedIn profile. The artificial intelligence software will use the information from your profile or resume to write a professional summary for you. Of course, there were a couple of issues:

  • The summary was a grab bag of random accomplishments and experiences.
  • The AI content didn’t showcase why the candidate was the best fit for the job.
Still, Teal HQ offers a good mix of features and flexible pricing options. You can pay for weekly ($9 per week), 30-day ($29), or 90-day ($79) intervals. You’ll get two free tries to generate content with Teal HQ before it hits you with the paywall. The platform’s free version reveals basic issues and generates the summary portion of your resume, but you’ve got to upgrade if you want the best features.

7. hit our testers with a content gate, encouraging them to “book a free resume review call.” According to the pop-up calendar, the team had only one day of availability in the next month. However, you can skip the meeting like we did and jump right into the AI resume builder. Once there, here are a few things we noticed:

  • It offers only one resume template.
  • Education is at the top of the template, meaning it’s designed for recent grads.
  • You can drag each section around to order them according to your preference.
  • You’ll get ten free “tokens.”
You can’t generate an entire resume for a single token. Instead, you’ll have to use a token for each bulleted list. For instance, you would use one token for your education section, one for your job experience section, etc.
The good news is that buying tokens is cost-effective. The entire process does make creating a resume tedious, though, and the AI is inconsistent between lists, which could make your content feel cobbled together.

8. Jasper AI

You may have seen ads for Jasper AI on social media and Google. The brand has a wildly aggressive marketing strategy and makes lots of boastful claims in its content. Admittedly, these ads caught our eye, and we were curious to see whether Jasper AI was as good as advertised.
Unfortunately, the platform put us through a tedious survey from the moment we arrived at its landing page. After we got through the gauntlet, it pushed us to upgrade to the premium version without even giving us a chance to try out the goods.

Jasper AI does offer a free trial. However, you’ve got to input payment information and enable auto renewals as part of this process. That was a no-go for us. Try Jasper AI at your own peril.

9. Career.IO

Career.IO is a basic AI resume builder. It provides suggested phrases based on the target job description and job title. We entered niche information to put Career.IO to the test. We were off to a good start before encountering these issues:

  • The AI pre-written phrases weren’t helpful.
  • Templates were limited.
  • Resumaker.AI had the same templates.
  • You can’t download your resume without joining.
  • The resume is in a read-only PDF format.
After running into some problems with our niche job description, we tried again with a generic job title in the nonprofit sector. The suggestions were more useful but bland.

10. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is by far the most famous (or infamous) generative artificial intelligence. Signing up is easy, but you’ll have to submit your birth date, which we didn’t like. You can use ChatGPT 3.5 for free or sign up for the premium version (ChatGPT 4), which costs $20 per month. Here’s what we found while using ChatGPT 3.5:

  • The responses were generic.
  • It suggested that we include a few extremely outdated sections, like “Objective.”
  • You might have to submit multiple queries to get what you want.
ChatGPT does provide some great insights for your resume. However, the quality of the responses hinges on the accuracy and detail you provide in your requests. Therefore, you need to be moderately specific and detailed, but be careful not to paint the algorithm into a corner. ChatGPT is very literal and may focus on only a few key aspects of your query if you provide the algorithm with lots of information.

The biggest concern with ChatGPT is that it sometimes “fills in the blanks” to make your resume better. For instance, it may make up statistics to demonstrate your performance at past jobs. Edit carefully, or you may be caught in AI-generated, you-approved lies.

11. Gemini (formerly Bard)

Gemini isn’t a comprehensive AI resume builder. The platform tells you how to write your own resume but doesn’t help you complete any of the steps. When using Bard, we encountered issues such as these:

  • Outdated examples
  • A lack of support
  • A wide range of examples and suggestions (Some were great; others were awful. Do you have the knowledge to separate the wheat from the chaff?)
The good news is that Gemini is free to use for now. If you want to explore AI resume builders without providing your life story, handing over your credit card information, or signing up for a “free” trial, Bard might be a good place to start. However, it is also one of the least helpful platforms if you need help writing a resume. If you just need some inspiration, it certainly fills that role well.

Key Considerations When Choosing an AI Resume Writer

 If you are torn between using an AI resume builder and partnering with a professional writing service, here are some things to consider:

Personalization and Contextualization

A human resume writer can tailor your content to align with the industry, role, and company you are applying for. AI resume writers have a tough time doing this unless you ask them to. Even if you explicitly request that AI tailor your content for a particular role and organization, the relevance of AI’s response could be way off.

Critical Thinking and Creativity

Human writers can leverage critical thinking skills to highlight experiences and strengths. AI resume builders mimic creativity, but they often rely on overused transitions and introductions, making your resume feel generic. Creativity is key to standing out in competitive hiring processes. Human writers can help you do that.

Adaptability and Flexibility

A human writer will adapt to shifting recruitment trends or job market demands. They’ll offer real-time insights and adjust on the fly to make your application stand out. AI resume writers are inflexible and based on what was written by others in the past.
Bard is a great example of the rigidity and datedness of AI resume builders. The program’s sample resume offers to add references, which is a resume-writing convention belonging to the last millennium. Bard is not the only AI that’s guilty of rigidity, either. ChatGPT and several other popular platforms can also be stiff and out of touch.

Understanding of Complex Situations

Humans understand and address complex career situations such as gaps, transitions, and unconventional career paths. If you’ve got gaps in your resume, ChatGPT and other platforms may fill in the blanks. Some less sophisticated AIs may just skip over these details, leaving hiring teams wondering why there are gaps in your resume.

Feedback and Collaboration

You can’t collaborate with AI. A human resume writer will proactively gather your feedback so the two of you can create holistic content that captures who you are, where you’re going, and why you are a great candidate for your dream job. If they have career coaching skills, they can also advise you on what else you need to be doing to get your dream job. (In our experience, people seem to think that a great resume is a magic ticket that will get you your dream job. The reality is that, unless you have a very in-demand skillset, you will likely need other job search skills.)

Quality Control and Accuracy

Because they cannot ask you questions, AI systems make up accomplishments instead of helping you flesh out your real ones. Human writers protect your integrity and can adhere to stringent quality control processes to ensure your content is accurate, impressive, and relevant to your target readers. This protects you from fraud accusations and builds your confidence instead of eroding it.

5 Pitfalls of Using AI for Resume Writing

 Should you use AI for resume writing? Perhaps, but not without considering some serious downfalls first. AI resume-building technology lacks several attributes that resume writing service providers bring to the table:

1. Human Intuition and Personality

AI resume builders often sound robotic or stiff. They are machines, after all. Human resume writers can give your resume that touch of flair and personality that catches a hiring team’s eye.

2. Compelling Narratives

Resumes aren’t just about rattling off experience and achievements. You need to tell a true story. Human resume writers can do that, but AI can’t. Most AI speaks in flowery generalizations, while hiring managers want punchy specifics.

3. Understanding of Unique Trends and Contexts

Artificial intelligence tools aren’t up to date on the trends or unique context of the role you are applying for. Professional resume writers do their homework, so they can provide a resume that is the ideal fit for the role.

4. Dynamic Adaptation

Artificial intelligence tools can’t adapt to dynamic changes in the job market or hiring ecosystem. Each time you ask an AI to tweak or improve your content, it will make a series of educated guesses based on all the information the Internet has to offer, including inaccurate and outdated content. By contrast, professional resume writers can adapt in real time, improving your resume with each round of revisions.

5. Likelihood of Getting You Interviewed

When you use AI resume builders, your content will likely get flagged for artificial intelligence. Hiring teams are increasingly using AI scanners to detect artificial intelligence. Depending on the company’s policies, hiring managers might toss out your application altogether if you use AI.

Why You Should Say “Yes!” to Professional Resume Writing

An AI resume builder can give you some much-needed inspiration if you’ve already got the makings of a great resume or cover letter. However, none of the current AI resume builders is as good as expert resume writers for helping you land interviews. That’s where YES comes in.

At YES, a top-rated career success company, we provide expert resume and cover letter writing services designed to help you land more interviews for jobs you will love. We also provide LinkedIn profile creation and optimization to get you contacted by recruiters, interview coaching to help you get offers, and more. Get interview-ready with YES and snag a sweet offer!

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