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Career transformation coaching involves so much more than finding a new job with more pay. Our goal with career transformation coaching is to change the way you and the world see you as a professional.

We will help you find a new role in the workplace that resonates with your value system.

In other words, you will undergo a career transformation to make your dreams come true in a new type of job.

Changing career fields is a tall order, and most people need help to achieve this goal without struggling for months or years. A long and painful struggle is what happened to even the super-smart YES founder Katherine Akbar in the years that inspired the business model.

And career transformation is a strategic endeavor rather than a tactical endeavor. It has as much or more to do with defining the right goals for the next phase of your career as it does with getting more interviews and better pay.

Our coaching can help you achieve career transformation in multiple ways.

One example is being able to tap into the hidden job market. Did you know that 38% of all jobs never get posted to a job board at all?

We can show you how to tap into that hidden job market to find career opportunities that aren’t available to just everyone searching through job listings.

One of the ways to do that is by developing a strong network of professional contacts who will not only point you toward those jobs but who will also advocate for putting you in one of those jobs.

Another example of our career transformation coaching in action is our Interview Aikido™ approach. Traditionally, aikido is a martial art in which you use your attacker’s momentum against him.

With this approach to being interviewed, you use your interviewers’ momentum to create more of a conversation between equals. We teach specific techniques so that you can start interviewing them while they’re interviewing you.

This entire process starts with an assessment called our “Workplace Development Report.” Answering those questions will help you and your coach develop big goals for your career transformation based on your personality and preferences.

All our plans are customized specifically to you.

We focus on helping you develop “inner game,” the ability to manage your feelings and beliefs to move you forward in your transformation.

We also offer specific action plans for building a network and using that network to find job opportunities.

Our Career Transformation Rocket Fuel package also includes a professionally written cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile. Our proprietary Interview Aikido™ methodology, mock interview with coaching, and a job offer guarantee are also included.

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