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Get all the support you need to land a federal position with our Federal Executive Transition package.

Transition to Your Dream Position

Are you ready to find your dream federal job so that you can make even a bigger difference, while enjoying job security and great benefits? Maybe you just can’t seem to make the right connections or aren’t making progress with USAJobs applications.

If you’re looking for a career transition into public service, or the right move within the federal government, Federal Executive Transition is designed to help you land your perfect federal job. Instead of applying for jobs that someone had to post even though they knew whom they wanted to hire, learn how to become that inside candidate. With YES’ help, you will build a network of executives who can vouch for you, helping you land the job.
 federal executive transition

What Our Federal Executive Transition Package Offers You

A great federal resume can only get you so far (and very few individuals or companies can write one, either). Resumes are perfect for landing cold opportunities when you have the background the agency is expecting. But if you’re wanting to get quickly hired for your dream federal job in a new area, in another agency, or when coming from the private sector, you’ll need the help of transition coaching. Breaking into warm and hot opportunities—ones where you are a known, respected resource—will put your application in front of more agencies in your target area and help you beat out the competition.

Stop missing out on jobs that are more or less offered before they are even posted (38% of the total). Break into new opportunities with our transition coaching that’ll help you uncover or create your dream federal job while positioning yourself as the perfect resource for it.

How This Package’s Components Benefit You

This is our most comprehensive package for making an executive-level change.

  • Understand yourself and get job search strategies tailored to your personality through our Workplace Development Report.
  • Get more interviews while you put your feet up. With this package, you don’t have to tweak! You get 10 versions of your persuasive Cover Letter and Federal Resume. We are the nation’s top-rated company for USAJobs-style federal resumes.
  • Find out how to implement your strategy to get your dream federal job with 6 hour-long Career Strategy Sessions with Certified Career Coach Michael Akbar.Guerrilla Job Hunter topics covered:

    • Your Perfect Career—Explore and then determine the career path and organizations that will give you a platform to thrive.
    • The Inner Game—Prepare yourself mentally to receive the perfect job for you.
    • Networking Genius—Build a network of people who can hire or refer you for a job.
    • Executive Access—Get in front of decision makers before the job is posted.
  • Get noticed through our LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn profile tips to get a job, and LinkedIn headshot.
  • Be prepped to get more offers using our Interview Aikido training and mock interview to practice your interviewing skills.
  • Relax, knowing this package includes a guarantee that you will get an offer.

There are thousands of hidden federal jobs available that you aren’t aware of when you’re in career transition. Since this hidden job market is less formal, working it enables you to get offered high-paying jobs faster—and then the official process becomes just a formality.

Plus, we even guarantee that-- assuming you do your part-- you’ll get an offer.


I am really satisfied with the Your Edge for Success team. They helped me rewrite my resume to make it more focused, created a LinkedIn profile, set me on the right path for networking and helped me prepare for interviews. As a result, I just started in a SES position with the Department of Commerce.

Lisle H. Administrative Operations Executive

Get Your Dream Job Faster

Your dream federal position is only a click away. Act before you have to, as career consultation and career coaching slots go quickly, and federal jobs are often open for only a very short time.

Not sure what package is right for you? Take our Career Strategy Quiz for a self-assessment of what tools would best work for you. You can always discuss your findings in your free Career Success Consultation.

Don’t want to miss out on this offer? Schedule your free 30-minute Career Success Consultation with our career success manager to decide on your next steps. You have nothing to lose, because we guarantee your success.

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