Best LinkedIn Profiles

What is LinkedIn, and why having one of the best LinkedIn profiles is so important to your job search?

LinkedIn is a social network focused on your career and business rather than your personal life. It’s even older than most of the most popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

When it comes to networking in the 21st century, there’s probably no better tool to use. Over 500 million professionals use the platform, which means you have a practically infinite number of job and/or client leads.

No matter what field you work in, LinkedIn should be an important weapon in your career development arsenal.

How do you create a LinkedIn profile that attracts hiring managers and recruiters like a magnet?

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The best LinkedIn profiles paint a picture of your personal brand in such a way that recruiters know you can solve their companies’ problems. This means focusing on the specifics of what you’ve achieved for employers over the life of your career.

Putting effort into your LinkedIn profile is wise; even wiser is to save your job search time for networking while you outsource creating a LinkedIn profile to experts like YES.

Our team of professional resume writers know exactly what kinds of LinkedIn profiles are most effective at getting the attention of hiring managers and recruiters. Not only do they have experience creating LinkedIn profiles in every field imaginable, but they also have training in search-engine optimizing your LinkedIn profile, a.k.a. digital resume.

They also know the right words and phrases to use to fire up the imaginations of the people you want to interview with.

You might be the best nurse in the world, the greatest coder who ever lived, or the most proficient technical writer in your language. But that doesn’t equate to having the skills needed to create an effective LinkedIn profile.

That’s where our team comes in. We have a team of 10 professional writers and editors who specialize in marketing personal brands to potential employers. They know how to get results.

As part of our process, we provide you with a questionnaire to fill out. We use the career details you provide on this worksheet to create compelling career-seeking documents like your LinkedIn profile.

And hiring managers love our work. Our results prove it.

Our median/average customer finds a new job in just 8 weeks after interviewing with 5 organizations and being contacted by 9 recruiters. Clients receive 1.5 offers on average and get 13% higher salary at their new job.

You can email us here and then schedule yourself for a free, 30-minute Career Success Consultation—or contact us by phone between 8 and 6:30 to set it up.

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