Professional Resume

Your professional resume is the starting point for your career search in corporate America or at a nonprofit organization. It can also be used to support a program application or business endeavor. It’s more than just a job application—think of your resume as a concise (1–2-page) document that highlights your value to potential employers and others.

Your resume will present the most important details about you as a person and potential employee: your career history, education, and qualifications. To work for you, your resume present these details in the most attractive light.

Only 2% of the people who submit resumes get interviews, and the average employer only spends 6 seconds looking at a resume before making that decision.

The difference is the quality of that resume. That’s where we come in. Our 

make your resume stand out

staff of 10 professional resume writers and editors has been rigorously trained and certified. They get results.

Your career success manager supports you as you complete your individual worksheet. This ensures that not only is your resume complete but also that it presents you in a way that employers will find irresistible. We don’t even need your current resume.

Along with your resume, we’ll send you a professionally written and edited cover letter and a free guide to using both documents to get a job that’s perfect for you.

And please don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you’re happy in your current position, you don’t need an up-to-date resume. No one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. Companies change ownership and cultures all the time. Even a single change in management can turn your current dream job into your latest nightmare.

Also, attracting potential employers is flattering and empowering. You might never need to leave your current position, but with offers from other companies, you’ll have leverage to get raises and promotions in your current company.

Sure, we have competitors who provide resume and cover letter writing services, and some of them do a good job. But do they have our track record? Our average/median client gets a new job in 8 weeks (with half getting 2 offers) at 13% higher pay after interviewing with 5 organizations and being sought by 9 recruiters.

Can’t you just write your own resume? Yes, but consider this:

Although you’re probably incredibly talented and skilled in your career, you probably don’t have the perspective on employers that we have.

Future employers look at your resume through a different pair of glasses than you do. What they want to see in a resume are quantified accomplishments. Management wants to interview candidates who can deliver results.

In some careers—like sales, for example—it’s easy to quantify your accomplishments. In other careers—like nursing—it’s harder to quantify your accomplishments.

Are you saving money by using a cheaper service or doing it yourself? Weigh the savings against the income lost by needing extra time to get your dream job, and the picture looks quite different.

It’s not worth it even financially. And when you factor in the crushing impact on your self-esteem of a job search that goes nowhere fast, it’s so not worth it.

Our team uses psychology, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and marketing to show your skills in a light that will cause your prospective employers to ask themselves this question:

How soon can I hire this person for my team?

Why do employers ask that? Because they’ve seen a resume that made them think:

This person can solve my problems.

Don’t forget that at least some of your competitors are using professionals to create their resumes, and any job you want probably has hundreds of applicants. Our professionally written, targeted resume will make you stand out from the crowd.

Here’s what our team has learned by surveying actual client results:

Our median client gets the job they want in 8 weeks of receiving the finalized resume.

Our average client interviews with 5 different employers.

Our average client is contacted by 9 recruiters.

And, most importantly, our average client increases their pay by 13% when they get their new job.

When you contrast the cost of our resume writing service with the increase in salary you can reasonably expect, with even a currently average salary, you’re looking at a return on investment of $8800.

Try beating that with money in the stock market.

You can get a free half-hour Career Success Consultation by contacting us online or by phone to schedule an appointment.

We can’t wait to get you a more satisfying career and a higher salary.

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