Wrigley Field: What You Need To Know

Wrigley Field, located in Chicago, Illinois, is a historic and iconic baseball stadium home to the Chicago Cubs since 1916. Named after its original owner, William Wrigley Jr., the chewing gum magnate, this legendary ballpark is the second oldest in Major League Baseball (MLB) after Fenway Park in Boston.


Wrigley Field was originally built 1914 as Weeghman Park for the Chicago Federal League baseball team, the Chicago Whales. After the Federal League folded, Charles Weeghman, the owner of the Whales, bought the Cubs and moved them to his ballpark. In 1920, William Wrigley Jr. acquired the controlling interest in the club, and the stadium was later renamed in his honor in 1926.


Wrigley Field is known for its distinctive features and old-school charm. The ivy-covered outfield walls, iconic red marquee sign, and manual scoreboard are just a few of the elements that make this ballpark a beloved destination for baseball fans.

Ivy-Covered Walls

The famous ivy on the outfield walls was planted in 1937 by Bill Veeck, the son of the then Cubs’ president. The ivy adds a unique touch to the stadium and has become integral to Wrigley Field’s identity.

Manual Scoreboard

The manually operated scoreboard in the center field has been used since 1937. It is one of the last remaining manual scoreboards in the MLB and is still updated by hand throughout the game by a team of dedicated scoreboard operators.

The Friendly Confines

Wrigley Field is often called “The Friendly Confines,” a nickname from legendary Cubs player Ernie Banks. The moniker captures the welcoming atmosphere and loyal fan base, making Wrigley Field a beloved destination for generations of Cubs fans.

Notable Events

Wrigley Field has been the site of many memorable moments in baseball history, including:

  • Babe Ruth’s “called shot” during the 1932 World Series, in which he allegedly pointed to the center field bleachers before hitting a home run.
  • The first-ever MLB All-Star Game in 1933.
  • The Cubs’ triumphant 2016 World Series win ended a 108-year championship drought.

Beyond Baseball

In addition to hosting baseball games, Wrigley Field has been a popular venue for concerts, football games, and other events. Over the years, it has welcomed artists such as Pearl Jam, Billy Joel, and Elton John, hosting college football games and even ice hockey matches.

Wrigley Field is not just a baseball stadium; it is a symbol of Chicago’s rich sports history and a testament to the enduring appeal of America’s pastime. Whether you’re a die-hard Cubs fan or just a visitor looking to experience a piece of baseball history, a trip to Wrigley Field is a must for any sports enthusiast.

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