Career Boost

This is a basic package for the self-starting job seeker who is focused on the online job market, has an extensive network, and has successful experience with the latest trends in interviewing. With our Career Boost package, you get the marketing materials you need (an impressive resume and persuasive cover letter) to help you get interviews.

Get Interviews

Are you getting discouraged by the low number of responses to your job applications?

This package is designed to address this challenge. Our median/average client interviews with 5 employers, finds a new job in 8 weeks from resume finalization, and gets 19% increased pay.

What Our Career Boost Package Provides

Your resume’s match to the job description is the single most important factor in whether you get interviewed. Whether you need Professional Resume, Executive Resume, or Federal Resume, our resume is a product of collaboration with you by three or four certified resume experts to get you the best possible strategic wording. The Career Boost service includes a virtual interview to enrich the resume content, drafting, editing, a check by you, and unlimited editing by an editor until you are completely satisfied, Instead of hiring just one resume writer to try to do their best on your documents, you will have a team strategizing on this, resulting in a product that gets you more interviews and better offers.

Our cover letter builds a bridge between the job description and your resume. It enables you to highlight a few accomplishments and benefits that you bring particular employers to make their lives better. Sometimes our cover letter alone is enough to get you interviewed.

Cover letters and resumes are essential for approaching cold opportunities when you can place in the top 2% of applications. Keep in mind, though, that a great cover letter and resume can only get you so far if you don’t know how to use them to effect. We do provide a guide on how to use your resume and cover letter to get a job. So if you are that rare person whose skills are highly in demand or a self-starter who reads and implements guidance well, this may be the package for you.

How This Package Benefits You

  • Get more interviews using our persuasive cover letter and resume (Professional, Executive or Federal).
  • Get the most out of your next job through a 30-minute Career Advancement coaching session with Certified Career Coach Michael Akbar.


The resume and cover letter are polished and better than anything I could have produced. My YES resume made me realize how accomplished I really am! It made it easier for me to sell myself during those interviews. I had 2 job offers within 2 weeks of sending out my YES resume. I am ecstatic and cannot recommend Katherine and her staff enough.

Dawn S. Systems Engineer

Get Your Next Job Faster

The average job receives hundreds of applications. And while some candidates are waiting to hear back from HR, other job seekers may be formally or informally interviewing—not with HR, but directly with the hiring manager. And people wonder why so often they are not even invited for an interview even when they have a killer resume!

Applying for jobs using a resume (even with a cover letter) is an example of what is called push marketing. The more successful job seekers complement their push marketing with a search-engine-optimized LinkedIn profile—the perfect example of pull marketing. This enables internal and external recruiters to find you, check you out, and potentially even communicate with you before you tweak and submit your resume to HR.

If you want to get ahead of all the other candidates who are limiting themselves to a killer resume, we recommend you look at Career Boost Plus. Career Boost Plus includes a LinkedIn profile, putting you in the group of our clients that get contacted by an average of 10 recruiters.

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Still not sure what package is right for you? Take our Career Strategy Quiz for a self-assessment of which tools would best work for you. You can always discuss your findings in your free Career Success Consultation.

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