Career Boost Plus

With our Career Boost Plus package, you get marketing material you need to help you get more interviews.

Get More Interviews

Are you getting discouraged by the low number of responses to your job applications and lack of interest by recruiters?

 This package is designed to address these challenges. Our median/average client is contacted by 9 recruiters, interviews with 5 employers, finds a new job in 8 weeks from resume finalization, and gets 13% increased pay at the new job.

What Our Career Boost Plus Package Provides

A great cover letter and resume can only get you so far if you don’t know how to use them to effect. Cover letters and resumes are essential for approaching cold opportunities when you can place in the top 2% of applications.

The average job receives hundreds of applications. And while some candidates are waiting to hear back from HR, others who were identified by a recruiter may be formally or informally interviewing—not with HR, but directly with the hiring manager. And people wonder why so often they are not even invited for an interview! That is why the Career Boost Plus package, in addition to your resume and cover letter, includes your online branding in the form of a search-engine-optimized LinkedIn profile. This will ensure that recruiters find you and form a positive impression of you for jobs matching your keywords. Our average client with our LinkedIn profile gets contacted by 9 recruiters.

How This Package Benefits You

This is a popular package for the self-starting job seeker who is focused on the online job market, and has extensive and successful experience with the latest trends in interview techniques used by employers.

  • Get more interviews using our persuasive cover letter and resume (regular or Federal).
  • Get found by an average of 9 recruiters through our LinkedIn Profile, Guide to Ten Way to Use LinkedIn to Get a Job, and Resume and Job Search Success Guide.
  • Get the most out of your future job through a one-hour Career Advancement coaching session with Certified Career Coach Michael Akbar.

Get Your Next Job Faster

If you build your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile but can't get pass the first interviews, that wouldit be a total waste of time, money, and emotional energy. If you haven't done many interviews lately and are not familiar with the latest interview strategies used by employers, we recommend the Career R ocket Fuel package. This package—in addition to your marketing material (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn Profile)—includes our state-of-the-art, proprietary interview technique, Interview AikidoTM. Using Interview AikidoTM ensures that not only will you come across as technically qualified but also as the one candidate whom the interviewers most like and want to hire.

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