Resume Writing Services: How They Can Help You?

Can't seem to land interviews even though you're perfect for the role? Your resume may need a professional touch. If this is the case, you may want to find yourself professional resume writing services. But then the tough questions begin: What kind of service should you look for? What makes one service better than another? Can't I just write my own resume? Get all the answers below.

Why do you need a great resume?

A resume is essential for demonstrating your work experience, talents, and education. An effective resume also shows how your qualifications match your desired role. Employers choose candidates whose resumes are suited to the job application and demonstrate that the candidates can meet the requirements specified by the employer.

What makes a resume great?

A great resume is one that achieves its goal: making the right employers contact you for an interview. But what traits make a resume great? What can you do that will catch the eye of employers and make them want to learn more about you?

The best resumes are tailored to the specific job and company you are applying for. All great resumes share certain elements in common. Here are a few tips to help you write a great resume:

1. Keep it concise.

One of the most common mistakes people make when writing their resume is including too much information. Your resume should be a brief overview of your qualifications and experiences, so keep it concise and to the point, not more than two pages. Do not, however, make your resume concise by using a lot of acronyms. The resume must be understandable to a human resources (HR) generalist, not just your future boss.

2. Highlight your accomplishments.

Your resume should highlight your successes and accomplishments in previous roles rather than simply listing your duties and responsibilities. This will give employers a better sense of the value you can bring to their organization. Look to cover how you have made previous employers money, saved them costs, improved their reputations, mitigated risks, saved labor time, and/or solved problems. The more you can quantify these results, the better.

3. Use keywords.

Employers often use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen resumes. You must include relevant keywords and phrases to help your resume get through these systems and into the “YES” (interview) pile. Research the job you are applying for, identify the required skills and qualifications, and include these prominently in your resume using the exact same terms.

4. Proofread your resume.

Not proofreading your resume well enough before you submit it is a common and sometimes fatal error. Even minor errors can give employers the impression that you are unprofessional or careless. Use spell check and have a picky friend or family member—or better yet, a professional editor—read over your resume to catch any errors you may have missed.

5. Tailor your resume.

Don’t simply send the same resume to every job you apply for. Instead, take the time to tailor your resume to each specific job. This means including relevant keywords and experiences and highlighting how your qualifications match the job requirements.

By following these tips, you may be able to write a better resume that will help you get noticed by employers and land the job you want. 

Step One to Getting Your Edge for Success

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Do I need to use a professional resume writing service?

If you don’t want your job search to last 5 to 6 months (the statistical average), then you need to do something that will help you get that new job faster. You may need a professional resume writing service. That’s because your resume is likely to get the job done on an average time table, which means losing months of the increased income you’ll have at the new job. 

Still, some people do their resumes themselves, and many end up wasting time and forgoing income, as well as getting stressed and depressed. To avoid this, you would be better off using a trusted service provider like YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services, whose median/average client gets a new job in 2 months at 19% increased pay. 

What are resume writing services?

Resume writing services are firms or freelance writers that write job seekers’ resumes to make them stand out against other applicants’. While this is the same goal for all of them, no 2 writing services are the same. They will vary in their ability to ensure that their clients get good resumes quickly and with good customer service.

A resume writer's service is also different and depends on the plan. All of them, though, are designed to assist applicants in getting more interviews.

What are the benefits of having a professionally written resume?

There are many benefits of having a professionally written resume:

  • A professionally written resume will help you stand out from the competition.

  • A professionally written resume can help you communicate your qualifications and experiences more effectively.

  • A professionally written resume can help you effectively target specific jobs and companies.

  • A professionally written resume can help you navigate applicant tracking systems.

  • A professionally written resume can save you time and energy.

  • A professionally written resume will make you feel good about yourself, as will the results of using it with proper guidance. 

By working with a professional resume writer, you can ensure that your resume is well written and compelling, increasing your chances of getting the job you want.

How to choose a resume writing service

Request a referral

Has one of your friends or coworkers used a writer they liked? Does the resume help them land interviews? Visit their vendor's site and learn more about them. Begin with that name and then move on to the names listed below.

Examine your past, education, qualifications, and certifications

Some resume writers have backgrounds as career advisors; others were recruiters, in HR, or copywriters. Have they obtained a bachelor's degree? A master's degree? Writing awards? Some people have created resume writing books, while others write articles or blogs for job seekers. Some have resume writing certificates from professional organizations such as the National Resume Writers Association. Be careful, though; those certifications are no guarantee of writing excellence. Some certified resume writers have never even worked in the United States.

Multiple layers of service

If you engage a single resume writer, you are putting all of your faith in that one individual. Yet two heads can usually produce a more strategically useful document than one. That’s why you’re better off engaging a firm that will assign more than one person to work on your resume—a writer and a different editor. 

Many years of experience 

Whether you are relying on an individual or a firm, you do not want a beginner. What's their resume-writing track record? Go for a firm that has been writing resumes for at least 5 years. Inquire how many persons they have assisted. Examine the samples provided by some. Verify that they have written for people in your field. 

Collaborate with a firm that is familiar with your industry and has experience writing resumes for your job level and title. Some individuals and firms specialize and exclusively deal with attorneys, architects, etc. Most have more broad knowledge and have helped people in numerous fields. The latter works fine as long as they include your input in the process at no additional cost. After all, you are more familiar with and up to date on your field than they are likely to be. What you need from them is a strong track record in client satisfaction and helping clients get interviews. 

Nobody can construct a great resume without interviewing you

Most of the information needed to enhance your resume is already in your thoughts and must be revealed by communicating with you personally. Some firms conduct this interview through written questions. There are many advantages to this method. First, it saves you time (about half an hour answering questions versus having a 1–2-hour conversation about your resume), and you can do it without an appointment. Second, it removes any danger of having been misunderstood, because everything is there in writing. Third, the drafting can be assigned to another writer, which means another strategist will contribute to your success. And finally, management will make sure your resume is completed on time even if the initially assigned interviewer or writer has a crisis.


Resume writing comes at various price points that reflect the expertise and level of effort of the firm involved. While everyone loves a bargain, the results you get from one resume will not equal the results you get from another, which means its expected quality should be your deciding factor. Low-cost services are unlikely to be useful. According to research, a resume prepared by a U.S.-based professional or firm should cost between $150 and $1,200. (Note that in some firms, the fees are substantially lower if you are a recent graduate.)

Customer feedback

The firm you choose should have high ratings on a variety of review sites, and the reviews should appear to be by paying customers (not just review junkies who were given freebies to write reviews). Examine the firm’s key players’ LinkedIn profiles to see whether anyone has endorsed them for resume writing in the Skills area. Getting resume writing help will be a substantial investment in both you and your job. Shop with caution.

Get a resume written by experts

A well-written, compelling resume is important regardless of where you are in your career. Your resume is often the first impression you make on potential employers, so putting your best foot forward is essential. At YES, we have 13 years of experience helping professionals in all fields craft resumes that showcase their skills and accomplishments. 

Our team of writers—selected as the best of the best in nationwide searches—will work with you to create a resume that reflects your unique experience and qualifications. Whether you're a mid-career professional, manager, or seasoned executive looking for a new challenge, we can help you land your dream job. Contact us today to learn more about our resume writing services, as well as cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, federal essays, Career Strategy SessionsTM, and Interview AikidoTM coaching.

How we do things

  • You gain access to our online tool, which contains instructions on what information to supply to assist us in selling you the most effectively.

  • One of YES' expert resume writers conducts a written or oral interview with you to elaborate on your accomplishments and address the keywords in your target job description.

  • A resume writer creates your resume and cover letter, presenting you as the solution to the employer's problems.

  • Your documents are edited by an experienced editor to ensure they will get you interviews.

  • You receive visually appealing drafts that are easy to read and ready to motivate employers to hire you.

  • The drafts are finalized with any input from you. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. 

Bottom line

Resume writing services are convenient and can provide you with the help you need. If you’re on the job market, your resume must sound professional, look consistent, and be easy to read. If you are not a copywriting expert, then you would be wise to seek the help of well-rated resume writing service providers. Unless you are a master networker, successful job hunting requires having a quality resume that persuasively expresses your experience and skills.  

Whether you're a professional, manager, or executive looking for your next job opportunity, YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services can help you look more qualified and appealing to employers. Our client success managers and resume experts will listen to your specific concerns and develop a customized resume that presents your qualifications in the best possible light. Get started today by scheduling a free phone or Zoom consultation!

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