How to Get Promoted in 2023

What makes for promotion material?

"Work hard, follow the rules, and you will be successful," some of us were told by our parents. But is success really that simple? The short answer is "No." Sometimes we do what we are supposed to and get passed on the way up by a maverick who is thinking outside the box or just doing a better job at getting noticed and championed. So in 2023, we want to work smarter, not harder, to achieve success.

Here's how in 4 simple steps:

1. Have an Interview AikidoTM conversation with your boss about how you can help them achieve their goals. Interview AikidoTM is our proprietary interview technique that teaches you how to align your energy with another person's. Take them to lunch and ask, "What goals can I help you achieve so that we both get promoted?"

This accomplishes three things: (A) Building the rapport that is essential to making someone want to champion you. By finding out what path they're on and helping them achieve their goals, you will be in a strong position to achieve yours too. (B) Putting them on notice that you are seeking a promotion within the foreseeable future. Be sure to find out what timeline they expect you to be able to get promoted within. (C) Giving you a plan of what you need to work toward. Document this conversation and bring it up at least quarterly so that you are both on the same page about your progress toward the goals you agreed on.

2. Repeat this process in a more limited manner with other managers at your company. Find out how you can support them, give sincere compliments on their work, and ask for their advice or guidance. Putting all your promotion hopes on your boss is not a good strategy. After all, a promotion can come from anywhere in the organization!

3. Volunteer for projects that can take your skills, impact, and visibility to the next level. Don't worry about being overwhelmed or having to work long hours. If your new priority is taking a lot of your time, negotiate for someone else to take over the lower-level tasks you have been doing so that you maintain work-life balance. (In a sense, this is giving yourself an unofficial promotion.)

4. Keep your resume ready and an eye out for new positions on the company careers page that would mean a promotion for you. This will allow you to more quickly throw your hat in the ring when you see a position that interests you.

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