Applying for Executive Jobs in a Crowded Industry? Why a Top-Rated Resume Writing Service Could Be Your Key to Success

Because professionals are changing employers at an accelerating rate, the job market becomes more competitive with each passing year. Even when applying for executive jobs, you may compete with over 100 people for every open position. Knowing this, many executives (or potential executives) wonder what they can do to set their applications apart in a crowded industry.

While you want to work on gaining in-demand skills and racking up accomplishments, you also have to figure out how to showcase them to recruiters and hiring managers. This can be hard to achieve when you don’t know what today’s hiring professionals want to see on a resume.


  • Applying for Executive Jobs Requires an Expertly Crafted Resume
  • What Is an Executive Resume Writing Service?
  • How a Resume Writing Service Can Help You When Applying for Executive Jobs
    • Narrowing Your Search
    • Including the Right Elements
    • Anticipating Questions
    • Highlighting Achievements
    • Creating a Unique Value Proposition
    • Gaining Confidence
    • Passing ATS Screening
  • Your Resume Writing Partner Makes All the Difference When Applying for Executive Jobs
  • Don’t Let a Less-Than-Stellar Resume Keep You from Success When Applying for Executive Jobs

Applying for Executive Jobs Requires an Expertly Crafted Resume

YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services, a top-rated U.S. company, offers resume writing by certified resume writers to help you get interviews and land your next role. 

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A package that includes interview and career coaching will get you ready to take on your next executive role. The right service can provide much more than a list of your qualifications and experience that looks nice on paper. Read on to find out what a resume writing service actually entails and how professional resume writers can help you get past the application stage and into the job of your dreams.

What Is an Executive Resume Writing Service?

During a job interview, you and the hiring manager get to know one another. You share your work experience and career motivations, and they may reveal what they’re looking for in their new hire. If you ask, they’ll share their hopes about what the new person will accomplish to make their work lives better and meet their organization’s goals.

An executive resume writing service helps potential business leaders land executive positions with a done-for-you Executive Resume and Cover Letter. These items are written by job search industry professionals who know what it takes to compete for upper-level positions. For that reason, they can help you communicate your unique value on paper.

Using the Salary Negotiation Calculator to Reach Your Earnings Objective

YES created a salary negotiation calculator to help you understand what to ask for when offered a job. YES recommends using the calculator combined with a negotiation tactic known as the Ackerman technique. Keep in mind that the Ackerman technique is designed for salary discussions in the private sector. Government positions typically have well-defined grades and bands, and in order to aim for a better starting point, you would usually need to integrate this technique into written justifications.

As we stated earlier, starting the negotiation process directly with the hiring manager works better than working through the HR Department. The hiring manager knows who you are and understands your capabilities. They have the most to lose if they can’t get you on board. Thus, they’re more likely to fight for you and obtain the salary you’re asking for.

Below is our salary negotiation calculator. You’ll see that it requires just one input: your desired salary. If you like, you can also adjust the percent above desired, increasing or lowering your initial salary request amount and any concessions you make.

What Is an Executive Resume Writing Service?

An executive resume writing service helps potential business leaders land executive positions with a done-for-you Executive Resume and Cover Letter. These items are written by job search industry professionals who know what it takes to compete for upper-level positions. For that reason, they can help you communicate your unique value on paper.

How a Resume Writing Service Can Help You When Applying for Executive Jobs

Many people find resume writing to be one of the most challenging and time-consuming activities in the job search process. You may struggle to truly articulate your experience and skills in a way that ATS software can understand and that hiring managers will appreciate. If this sounds like you, here are seven ways a resume writing service can help you find success without the stress:

Narrowing Your Search

When applying for executive jobs, you’ll want to avoid sending out mass applications to every company with an opening that looks even remotely interesting to you. While this might eventually land you a position, the role you get may not be best suited for you. More likely, you will delay getting a new job and feel increasingly undervalued as you receive rejection after rejection—or crickets. Unfortunately, this often happens with executive job seekers who send a generic resume listing their decades-long work histories to dozens of employers.

If you want a better job search strategy, consider hiring professional resume writers. Often, an experienced resume writing company can offer in-depth career coaching or advice that will help you narrow your search and end up happier with the new job. During the coaching process, you’ll discover which executive roles your skillset is ideally suited for, allowing you to streamline your application strategy and land somewhere you’ll thrive.

Including the Right Elements

Also, what constitutes a good resume has changed in recent decades. For example, many candidates used to summarize their entire work history, even if it was irrelevant to the role applied for. They would also include an objective statement detailing the job they were seeking and how they hoped to use their skills in the new position.

You may not realize that today’s hiring managers frown upon these elements. Resume writers who have helped executive candidates find jobs in today’s competitive market know exactly what hiring managers want to see. They know which type of format is best for executive resumes and what information to include (or exclude) in each section. Critically, they will get the keywords onto your resume that are essential for landing interviews.

Their job is to help you get interviewed, and you can rely on their expertise instead of guessing which elements to include.

Anticipating Questions

Your resume is an essential document in the application process, as it explains to recruiters and hiring managers what accolades you have garnered, which skills you have acquired, and what results your work has produced. However, resumes often leave people with more questions than answers after they read them. For example:

  • Did you achieve those results independently or as part of a successful team? 

  • What did you do during the two-year gap in your resume? 

  • Are you focused on transitioning to a new industry or just applying for everything? 

A good resume writer can anticipate questions that recruiters and hiring managers may have and work the answers into the resume. The more information your resume offers, the more hiring managers will understand that you are among the most qualified candidates for the role.

Highlighting Achievements

Many executive job seekers have achieved much throughout their careers, including promotions, awards, and acknowledgments of exceptional performance. However, writing executive resumes that properly highlight these achievements takes a lot of work. 

One reason for that is that listing these achievements on your resume can make people think you are bragging about or embellishing your accomplishments. Still, if you don’t highlight them well, you risk underselling yourself and fading into the background, which is never good in a competitive industry. 

Fortunately, a good resume writer has the necessary skills to overcome this challenge. They will know what language to use to convey your achievements and why they make you among the most qualified people for the position without over- (or under-) selling them to the recruiter or hiring manager. 

You can rest assured, then, knowing that the hiring committee will see you for who you truly are: an accomplished professional who will use their skills in a new position to create desired results.

Creating a Unique Value Proposition

Not every skill, strength, or bit of experience will be relevant to the executive role you’re applying for. A resume writer will help you assess which ones are worth putting on your resume and which should be left off. 

Through this process, your resume writer will help you create your unique value proposition. This term refers to the combination of skills, strengths, and personality that help you stand out in a crowded industry. However, instead of simply making these all about you, your writer will help you show how these elements can be of value to the target employer. 

By learning how to emphasize the benefits of your value proposition for a target employer, you’ll be able to highlight the results of your past experience and show prospective employers how having you in an executive position will give the company a competitive advantage.

Gaining Confidence

When you attend an interview, you must thoroughly understand your skill set and how to apply it within the context of the job you’re applying for. Unfortunately, many people become nervous during interviews and have difficulty conveying this information in their responses to the hiring panel’s questions. 

In this regard, working with an executive resume writing service when applying for executive jobs can be a game changer. Resume writing is a collaborative process that should involve your communicating with a resume interviewer about the details of your career experience. Throughout this interview, you will get to know yourself and thoroughly understand what you bring to the table.

By the end of the resume writing process, you will likely have much more confidence in yourself and your skills. If you get career coaching along with a resume, you’ll also feel better knowing you are applying for positions that are right for you. With the addition of interview prep, you’ll be able to sell yourself and your skillset in an interview in a way that makes you stand out from the crowd.

Passing ATS Screening

Technology has continued to transform the way people apply for executive jobs. The adoption of electronic applicant tracking systems (ATS) has streamlined hiring for recruiters and human resources personnel and simplified the process of applying for a job. 

However, these developments have also made getting your resume noticed far more difficult. These ATS platforms use artificial intelligence (AI) to filter applications based on specific criteria, such as job titles, years of experience, section headings, and relevant keywords.

If you don’t create your resume accordingly, it may never even reach the hiring manager's desk. Executive resume writers understand how ATS tools work and can create a resume designed to pass these notoriously difficult filtering systems. This safeguard will give you much greater peace of mind in the application process and bring you closer to the job you want.

Your Resume Writing Partner Makes All the Difference When Applying for Executive Jobs

Certainly, your resume can make or break your application for an executive job, because you may have difficulty communicating your value to hiring managers and recruiters who haven’t had a chance to see you in action. If you don’t get that across right, your application will probably go nowhere. Fortunately, resume writing services can help you get over this hump and progress in your career. 

Don’t Let a Less-Than-Stellar Resume Keep You from Success in Applying for Executive Jobs

YES resume writing packages will help get you in the door so that you can secure the job of your dreams. With a variety of options that includes resumes, cover letters, a LinkedIn profile, interview prep, and career coaching, the service can help you …

  • Increase self-confidence

  • Decrease stress

  • Get more interviews

YES’s median client gets a new job in eight weeks. Book a free Career Success Consultation today to learn more about how YES can give you your edge for success, which incidentally is what YES stands for.

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