Washington DC Outplacement Services

Safeguard your reputation. Mitigate the risk of litigation. Give terminated staff dignity. Minimize tax expenses.

Outplacement Services Washington DC: Benefits of Outplacement Services

Downsizing and laying off employees can be difficult for all involved. Not only are the employees who have lost their jobs affected, but also the remaining employees often feel anxious and uncertain about their own job security. In addition, the business itself may experience a decline in productivity as everyone deals with the aftermath of the layoffs. One solution that can help all of these people is outplacement services. 

Our outplacement services for Washington DC area helps employees who have been laid off transition into jobs with new employers. By building goodwill among former and remaining staff, this helps organizations maintain productivity during difficult times. If you need to reduce your workforce, consider using outplacement services to help everyone involved through this challenging process.
Washington DC Outplacement Services


Exceeded all my expectations!  I can’t praise the YES team enough for the outstanding job they did in providing a group of 20+ ppl with their revised, and some from scratch, resumés that gave them the leverage to be an ideal candidate for their desired positions.

"From the start, I had a very demanding expectation and the YES team did everything in their power to accommodate and achieve all my asks.  They truly are there to help and make you a success in your job search and career.

Melissa P. Sr. HR Executive


When you have to separate employees, you want to make sure you can hand them off to a company that truly cares about helping them get a new job fast, not to mention get their confidence back. A study we are running shows that our median/average client gets a new job in 2 months at 14% higher pay. Of our over 120 reviews on Google, 99% are 5 or 4 stars, and many people mention that our services gave them confidence and return on investment.

With a small, highly rated outplacement services company, every client counts. Your employees will get a 5-star experience with as many touches as they need to get the job done.

You Can Rest Easy, Because Our Outplacement Services …
  • Protect your brand as socially responsible.
  • Mitigate the risk of litigation.
  • Increase morale for employees that remain.
  • Give terminated staff dignity, hope, and the support they need to move forward.
  • Can be part of your employment contracts, making you more competitive in your talent acquisition efforts.
  • Safeguard your reputation.
  • Make your employees trust you.
  • Keep your ratings high on Glassdoor.

What We Offer for our Washington DC Outplacement Services

  • Resume writing—Our 3-person process using top resume writers ensures a flawless, keyword-rich professional resume, executive resume, or federal resume chock full of quantified accomplishments
  • Cover letter writing—The special formula we use in our cover letters enables the candidate to quickly show an employer in the Washington DC area that they understand their needs, have brought previous employers outstanding results, and will create tremendous benefit for the employer.
  • LinkedIn profile writing and a guide to using LinkedIn to get a job—LinkedIn is the best way for candidates to network their way to a job on the hidden Washington DC job market, and YES has its own Inner Circle LinkedIn group for networking and guidance from HR professionals.
impact of outplacement services
  • Interview Aikido—Our signature interview training and practice program empowers candidates to find out what the employer wants to buy before they try to sell them anything. The spiritually-based program also puts clients in the mindset of win-win, instead of fearing poor performance.
  • Career coaching—For the candidate who may want an accountability partner while changing jobs or wants to explore a different field or who wants support for their networking strategy and exit plan, career coaching helps them with the career discernmentinner gamenetworking genius, and/or executive access strategies they need.
  • All services are satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Corporate clients can rest easy with a standing contract for the services they require throughout the year.
  • 5% discount for NOVA SHRM members

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