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When looking for a way to showcase your accomplishments professionally, having the right resume can make all the difference. However, not all resumes are created equal. You may think the best way to order one is to simply pick a resume-writing service off the Internet that seems impressive, well known, or inexpensive, but in reality, this could just waste your money and time. You must start your search by including some unconventional ways to evaluate which company can best meet your needs based on your goals and experience.

Tips for Searching Top Resume Writing Services Online

1. Evaluate your skills and experience.

The first thing you need to consider when looking for a top resume-writing service online is the level of experience you have and what industry or career field you are looking to get a new job in. You should have a list of all the jobs you have held, your duties and accomplishments there, key skills, awards/honors, publications, security clearance (even if inactive), volunteer work, and any other information that will make your resume stand out from others.

2. Check their reviews and testimonials.

One effective way to find a top resume-writing service online is by reading reviews on companies online. First, instead of just going by testimonials on their website, which could be made up, look at reviews on legitimate review sites, such as Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, and the Better Business Bureau. Second, take the time to read what clients say about their company and how their services have helped them get where they are today. Third, look at how the company handles complaints, because any company of a certain size will have some. 

Finally, don’t draw any firm conclusions from the overall rating, as some companies have gamed the system. Do the reviews all appear to be from paying clients? Or are many from reviewers who may have received something free in exchange for a review?

3. Review a sample resume.

One important factor you should consider before selecting a company to engage for resume-writing services is to look at a sample resume they have written. Take some time to read this sample resume. Be less concerned with how good the resume looks and more focused on how effectively it communicates the candidate’s ability to help a prospective employer.

Would you hire the person whose sample resume you are provided? Are there any typos? Formatting inconsistencies? Unclear verbiage? Non-native-sounding English? Inconsistent or incorrect punctuation or, God forbid, run-on sentences or fragments?

4. Price their services.

When you are looking for top resume-writing services online, you will discover a wide range of what people pay for resume prices. While price shopping is always tempting, remember that this is not the same product that you can get at different prices. A resume is a custom product (preferably with a guidance service) that will make a huge difference in your earning potential. That’s why savvy, career-minded people focus less on price and more on return on investment.

That means no matter what you pay for a resume, you want to make sure that the new resume can get you the increase in salary you are looking for. Also, resumes written by top resume-writing services can get you a job faster. Remember, the sooner you can get the new, higher paying job, the more money will be in your pocket (or the faster you get out of a bad situation—or both). So, ask resume-writing services for their result statistics.

5. Ask them to evaluate your resume.

Top resume-writing services will evaluate where your resume stands now and what needs to be added or removed from it. This way, you will know that they can give you an honest and accurate assessment of what they would need to do to improve your current resume and make it as impressive as possible. Watch out for companies, like Top Resume, that give you an automated assessment with a couple of sentences customized to you. (Spoiler alert: they will say that your resume MUST be overhauled.) You want to schedule a time and speak to someone about your resume.

6. Find out if they can provide a visually appealing but traditional resume.

Find out whether they can provide an attractive but normal-looking resume. People often think human resource (HR) professionals and hiring managers like to see resumes with a lot of visual appeal. They may think graphics or color will make them stand out from the competition. Unless you are a graphic designer, this is not how you want to stand out. A resume that is hard to read or tries too hard may be judged not serious and skipped. HR and hiring managers are looking for resumes where your accomplishments—not the visuals—stand out.

7. See if you can follow up after your service has been completed.

Once your resume has been prepared, you will want to try it. Rather than disappearing or making you chase your resume writer, top resume-writing services online schedule a time to follow up with you and see what kind of results you are getting from your resume. The best resume-writing services provide a diagnostic (if needed) and additional advice to make sure you land your dream job.

8. Check for their guarantees.

A top resume-writing service should be able to provide you with at least a satisfaction guarantee, and for the right price, a guarantee that you will get interviewed. This is so important that you should be prepared to pay a higher price for a top resume service that provides follow-up, diagnostics, and guarantees, because that support may prove critical to your happiness and success.

Step One to Getting Your Edge for Success

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Why should I hire one of the top resume-writing services near me?

1. Better chances of landing the job

Remind yourself: I need to hire top resume-writing services near me, because they can help me get placed in a better job. Sometimes you need to spend money to make more money. A good resume that puts your skills and experiences on paper persuasively will help you get a better job. You’ll be much more likely to get an interview and an offer than if you just type your own resume. So if you are looking for help with this process, you should consider hiring a top resume-writing service to ensure that your resume is as good as it can be.

2. The opportunity to make your work memorable and stand out

Human resources professionals and hiring managers review resumes of hundreds of candidates. The truth is that most of these resumes provide only a chronological history of what the candidate has done. But showing up to work and “doing” is not the same as having delivered value, and results are what matters to a hiring manager. You should strongly consider hiring someone who can create a resume for you that is enticing to hiring managers. They will be able to show prospective employers how your skills can positively impact the employer’s business.

3. The opportunity to work with a company that has deep experience and top ratings

They can help you build your resume with all that they have learned over years in the business. This is something that most people neglect when choosing a resume writer. People who have worked with top resume-writing services and are happy with their results tend to establish a good relationship with the company. This will also give you an advantage in the job market, because your resume-writing company’s former clients and their strong connections can advise you on your chosen career field and refer you to hiring managers.

4. The chance to showcase on your resume what your skills are worth to the employer

A top resume writer can help make sure that your true value to the employer immediately stands out—not only to them but also to you. Knowing your own worth in the marketplace makes you more confident in selling yourself at the interview and in salary negotiations. Also, your resume needs to match the keywords the employer is looking for, as well as show how you will help a prospective employer. These two things, which candidates usually neglect when writing their own resumes, make the employer more likely to call you in for an interview.


If you have read all of these reasons, you should know the importance of searching for “top resume writing services near me.” By using the best service you find, you will give yourself an edge over the other candidates on the job market and be able to get your foot in the door. Just make sure you follow these steps before working with a company so that your experience goes as smoothly as possible.

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