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You Have Landed Your Perfect Job. Now What?

After accepting a new offer, you are delighted with your salary, benefits, and the role you will be playing at your new job. The employer is equally excited for having you on board and can’t wait for you to start. This is exciting—almost like a honeymoon. Everyone is so high that from here, you can only go down!

Once onboard, you find out that your daily functions are not what you were promised. Your boss is not as charming as he seemed during the interviews. What’s worse, other people with whom you interviewed are already pulling out their daggers for you in a display of turf dominance. You almost feel like you are in one of the nightmares Ebenezer Scrooge had in the movie and play A Christmas Carol.
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What Our Career Advancement or Executive Coaching Offers You

The situation doesn’t have to be that way, and our Career Advancement or Executive Coaching services can help you create a happier dream. By getting regular coaching on a schedule that works for your needs and budget, you will accomplish 2 important career objectives:
  • First, you will get to know, precisely, what kind of organizational culture you are about to get yourself into.
  • Second—and this is so critical to the fulfillment of your three-to five-year goals—you will proactively set, manage, and exceed the expectations of your leadership. At the same time, you will enlist them to enthusiastically help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. 
The result, over time, will be higher pay, more responsibility, work-life balance, and easily moving to your next target position.

How This Package’s Components Benefit You

While in these programs, you will meet with Career Coach Michael Akbar every two weeks, monthly, or quarterly. In these meetings, you will leverage a set of time-tested tools and have accountability to a partner who will help you set your goals and act on them. Your coach will also help you come up with effective strategies to overcome your daily challenges:
  • working with uncooperative colleagues 
  • motivating staff
  • getting leadership to sign off on your initiatives
  • optimizing your effectiveness to accomplish more while limiting the hours you work
You will be reminded that no matter for whom you are working, at the end of the day, you are the CEO of your own enterprise—with your family as the board of directors.

You will be able to operate with 20-20 vision of what is happening in front of you, as well as behind you. As a result, you will gladly take responsibility for what comes your way. You’ll have few surprises and plenty to celebrate at each milestone you set for achieving your goals.


Michael Akbar is a tremendously helpful career coach. He quickly understands the diverse, professional settings in which someone can demonstrate and maximize their strengths to the benefit of the individual and a prospective employer. His holistic approach to career coaching with its unique combination of thoroughness/broad thinking, creativity, resourcefulness, and foresight have been and will continue to be very beneficial to me.

Constant C. Strategic Management Leader

Enjoy Your Dream Career

Turning your dream job into a lasting and fulfilling experience starts with 1 click. Act as soon as you accept an offer or see that you need help. Career consultation and career coaching slots go quickly, and you want to make sure to put your best foot forward with your colleagues and managers from day one.

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