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Clients and friends you refer to our services unconditionally receive a discount on their purchases, thanks to you

Also, every month, you will receive payments of $100 for each transaction.

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How it Works

Share your Referral Link

When you register as a referral partner, you get your own unique link that includes a discount code you can easily share with anyone!

you can share your unique link and code on social media or email to a friend, client or association member.

Give 50 Get 100

When prospective clients use your unique link to access our site we track that code.

When they purchase one of our services they are presented with a $50 discount thanks to you. Our system will track that the discount was generated because of using your code.

Get Paid!

This is the exciting part. As people use your link and discount code you will start receiving payments from our system!

At any time you can log into our system and track which one of your contacts have purchased and how much is coming your way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the program work?

When you register as a referral partner on this page, you are provided with a unique URL that includes your exclusive discount code. When a prospective client lands on our website using your exclusive URL, your discount code is tracked. If the visitor then becomes a client, they receive a $50 dollar discount on any services they purchase. At the same time, you earn a commission of $100 that is tracked in our system. You can log into your dashboard at any time and see the status of all referrals you have made. 

Who are qualified prospects for referral?

Anyone who is in need of career success services, for example, resume writing, LinkedIn profile writing and optimization, interview coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, and/or career advancement coaching is a potential referral candidate who can benefit from your discount code.

What is the benefits to someone you refer?

Anyone who is referred using your discount code or your unique URL is eligible for receiving a $50 discount on their purchase.

How can I communicate the benefits of the program to someone?

You can post your unique URL on social media, like Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also use one of the template emails that you can send to your referral candidate stating that you are providing them with a $50 gift on any purchase of our services. If you need additional support on how to promote your discount gift, please contact our affiliate marketing support team at affiliates @ yeswriting.com.

Who should consider joining the program?

If you are a current or former client who has had an excellent experience working with us, you are a great candidate to now benefit from this program and earn ongoing income from sharing your first-hand experience. Professionals and organizations that work with job seekers, such as recruiters, career counsellors, staffing companies, and individual membership associations, can also greatly benefit from this program, while benefiting their job seekers.

How much should I expect to earn?

Currently the program pays a flat rate of $100 for each referral who becomes a client. For example, if in the course of a year, 10 of your referrals become clients of YES, you will earn $1,000 for that year.

How soon do I get paid after I make a referral?

Every month, all earned commission from 3 months prior will be paid by either check or PayPal. The reason for the 3-month buffer is to account for any potential cancellations or refunds. 

How do I track my earnings?

Once you register, you will be notified by email of how to log into your dashboard. The report section of your dashboard will display all the commissions you have earned, as well as those that are pending payment.

How do I get paid?

In your dashboard, you can either provide an email to be used for PayPal payment or you can provide the address and the name of a payee to whom we will send the monthly checks.

Does the membership expire?

Currently there is no program expiration.

Whom do I contact if I have any issues or questions?

If you need any assistance, with the program you can contact affiliates @ yeswriting.com or call the number on this page.