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What Should a Resume Look Like in 2023?

In today's job market, having a stand-out resume is more important than ever. So, what should a resume look like in 2023? Keep reading to find out. We'll discuss the latest trends in resume formatting and design, as well as how you can use them to make your resume stand out from the crowd. We'll also provide tips on tailoring your resume if you are applying for a job. 

Whether you're starting your job search now or planning for the future, we’ll give you all the information you need to create a winning resume.

The Ideal Format for Your Resume

Good Font

Employ a precise and clear typeface—one that is elegant and professional (therefore, no Comic Sans) and, on the other, modern and stylish (therefore, no Times New Roman).

  • Maintain a font size between 11 and 12 points.
  • There are several appealing options. A few fonts to consider include Bookman Old Style, Calibri, Helvetica, and Cambria. 
  • Both serif and sans-serif fonts can look good on a resume, so feel free to experiment.
  • After selecting a font, use it consistently throughout the document. Utilize the same font when drafting your cover letter.

Margin Spacing

Start with 1-inch margins, but if you run short on space, you can go as low as .6” all around.

Line Spacing Consistency

Use the same amount of line spacing for all sections of your resume. Use two spaces before and after every heading and between each entry in the job experience and education parts. One tip for saving space is to change the font on the line spaces only — for example, to 6-point font. Be sure to be consistent throughout.

Effective Section Headings

You may want to create slightly larger section headings than the rest of the text or use shading to set them off. You can also highlight them visually by inputting them in ALL CAPS.

Ample White Space

When reviewing resumes, recruiters require space to breathe. Overstuffing the resume with information will not make it look good.

How to Determine if There Is Sufficient White Space on a Resume

Print a hard copy and examine it from a distance. Does it appear crowded? If so, see what you can edit out without losing key information.

No Graphics or Images

Information in graphics will not be read by applicant tracking system (ATS) scans, so you are better off not using graphics. (They also look like you are trying too hard, which can be a turnoff.)

Photos? You are seeking employment, not romance. Except if personally asked (which might be the issue for specific roles), do not include images on your resume.


Use only one to two pages. Focus your resume on a particular job posting and only include essential information from the last ten years. However, if you have key qualifications that precede the last decade and aren’t surpassed by recent information, find a way to include it briefly. Ensure that every phrase on your resume merits its spot. 

Now you have an understanding of resume basics, so let’s talk about the contents.

What Should a Resume Look Like in 2023? 

Standard Format

  • Heading — your name, contact details, and a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Resume Profile — an overview of your career and what you have to offer your target employer
  • Skills
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Additional Information — awards, certifications and training, volunteer experience, and technical skills
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What Are Employers Looking for in Resumes in 2022 and 2023?

There are some common themes among employers regarding what they are looking for in resumes and cover letters. Here are a few of the things that employers will be focused on when reviewing resumes and cover letters in 2022 and 2023:

1. Skills and experience that match the job description – As always, employers will be looking for candidates with the skills and experience they need for the position they are hiring for. Be sure to tailor your resume to each job you apply for, highlighting the skills and experiences that enable you to use the keywords in the job posting.

2. Results-oriented accomplishments – In addition to looking for relevant skills and experience, employers will also focus on candidates with a track record of achieving the kind of results they crave. When listing your achievements on your resume, include specific details and data points that illustrate the impact you have made in your previous roles.

3. A clear and concise resume – With so many resumes to review, employers will appreciate candidates who take the time to ensure their resume is clear and concise. Be sure to edit your resume thoroughly, removing any unnecessary information or fluff. Also, be sure to use simple language that can be easily understood by generalists as well as specialists in your field.

4. A professional and polished appearance – In today’s competitive job market, ensuring your resume makes an excellent first impression is essential. Be sure to proofread your resume for errors and have someone else with a sharp eye review it as well. Also, use a professional-looking font and layout for your resume.

5. A positive attitude – Finally, employers will be looking for candidates who have a positive attitude and are excited about the opportunity to join their team. In your cover letter, be sure to express your enthusiasm for the role you are applying for, and highlight how you will be a valuable asset to the organization.

By keeping these things in mind, you can ensure that your resume and cover letter will stand out from the competition and help you get interviewed for the jobs you want.

What Should Not Be Included in a Resume?

In general, there are a few things that you should avoid including in your resume. First, do not lie or exaggerate any information on your resume. Not only is this unethical, but it can also cause a career disaster if you are caught in a lie. Even if you are never caught, your confidence will be undermined by the lie. Also, avoid including personal information on your resumes, such as your age, marital status, or religious beliefs. Finally, on your resume, steer clear of any controversial topics, such as political views, unless you are seeking a related position.

Should You Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

To decide if you should hire a resume writer, let’s step back and examine the purpose of a resume. A resume is like a direct marketing document. In the case of a resume, the product you are trying to sell is you. 

Think about this: Marketers in large companies spend billions of dollars on psychological and social studies. They pay professional copywriters to write their direct marketing communications, and yet people throw away 95% of the direct marketing material they receive in the mail. 

If professional marketers and copywriters only have a 5% response rate, what are the chances of those of us who want to write our own resumes?

A resume written by a top professional resume writer or firm can help you get a new job in half or one-third of the time you would need if you wrote it yourself. If a new job raises your salary by say $12,000 a year, but you got it 3–4 months later on your own resume, that is at least $3,000–4,000 out of your pocket. This far exceeds the cost of getting your resume done. 

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