Weston Millar

I was staring down a series of seemingly insurmountable walls at the time that I looked for a resume writing company. I had a desire to search for a job in a field that I knew I was passionate about but faced a number of challenges. These included a thin and unprofessional resume, no well-maintained contact with my past classmates, professors, or professional contacts, my own anxiety about reaching out to strangers, and three years’ in post-graduation limbo at a retail job that I was having trouble trying to find out a way to ‘explain away’ to a potential employer as though it were something to be ashamed of. School taught me how to write my own formulaic resume and cover letters, as well as how to do basic searching. I got into it by January and February of 2020, but then COVID hit and every lead I had closed up in a jiffy. I had used no other services before YES. I bought the Career Transformation package, and so far I’ve had a professionally rewritten resume and cover letter, a LinkedIn profile facelift, one-on-one interview training with Katherine, and a once-monthly series of Zoom calls with Michael to update him on my progress and talk about what I’m doing and how best to approach new challenges along the way. Needless to say, it is a much better experience than going at it alone. Everyone at YES I have talked to is constructive and devoted to my success. They expect the best from me that I can give and help me to get there every step of the way. Having a team like this on my side, having this kind of resource available to help me, when previously I had only myself and my own efforts, is a massive boon. I have been armed with insider knowledge, both the talk and the walk, on how best to promote myself in a way that will catch an employer’s eye. Everyone has weaknesses, and YES so far has helped me patch mine up handily and build my confidence in ways I never could have managed on my own. I look forward to the rest of my meetings with Michael. I would recommend them to anyone feeling lost in their job search, anyone with knowledge and skills they know are desirable but without the right approach on how to articulate that or leverage it in order to get themselves employed. Taking the leap to recognize you need assistance is a big one, and YES has proven to be a very good fit.

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