Vchia Minustah

I have been working with YES on and off (because my previous work schedule dictated that I spent a lot of time traveling) for the past year in my transition from working abroad for a decade and a half back to the US. I originally hired YES because I was planning on moving to the DC area, but ultimately landed in CA. The staff at YES have not only been totally professional, providing me with excellent job-hunting and career advice the entire way, but they have been tremendously flexible and understanding of my erratic schedule. Their interviewing techniques, job-hunting and negotiating advice and gentle nudges helped me to think holistically about the industry I wanted to pivot to, and how I should go about getting the job I wanted. YES gave me the tools to secure interviews all over CA after being out of the domestic job market for many, many years, and much more confidence going into each interview. Ultimately, because of their great help I received a job offer from an organization that I really wanted to work for in San Francisco. I highly recommend YES to all job seekers – not only those looking in the DC area!