Todd Slater

I had been at my facility for 19.5 yrs. In 2014-2015 I was the GM, which is equivalent to VP. Due to a reorg, I was offered either severance or to stay as a director. I stayed. In 2019 they let my boss go. I interviewed for that job and didn’t get the job. I stayed on 2020-2021. I decided that if they weren’t going to give me a position that I am qualified to do, I would look outside of my facility. I was also trying to move closer to my daughter in Orlando. I was always taught to keep my resume up to date, and I hadn’t done a good job of that. I didn’t think I’d be looking outside of my current facility. YES helped get my resume and cover letter together with buzz words and formatting so that it would get through applicant tracking systems and get me interviews. Luckily, I had kept track of everything I’d done. YES made it more presentable. Some of the training and material I read made me feel more confident. I got the first interviews I’d had in 27 years. The YES documents gave me the confidence to go out there. I knew I was qualified, it was just a matter of selling myself. The results have been very positive. I put in for only 3 jobs and out of those I got 2 interviews and 1 offer. I was very selective about which opportunities I was applying for. I would highly recommend that you contact YES. I’ve recommended them to other people, too. I would do it again. You can go to anyone and have them write a resume, but this was so much more than just a resume—all the support along the way.

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