Shani Gregg

When I first contacted YES, I was receiving a lot of contacts from local recruiters in metro DC but wanted to move to Las Vegas. The information on my resume wasn’t translating to what recruiters in Las Vegas could understand. I contacted YES to translate it for people who wouldn’t understand the technology I was working on. By taking my resume and including metrics and a lot of accomplishments that I really didn’t consider until I had the interview with the writer, it put me at a higher level than the position I was at in Virginia. It really lifted my confidence and made me realize my level was above the job I had at the time. It also gave me words to describe myself to help me sell myself in my interview.

I posted my resume on Indeed and was contacted about four positions by recruiters. I interviewed for my dream job in Las Vegas three days later. They offered me a job on the spot after I interviewed with the director. Unlike other candidates, I did not have to go through a panel interview. It was a manager position, and I got it that day. They had really high expectations of me, and apparently I’m exceeding them. In the past, because of my resume, manager didn’t have high expectations. After the first week, my manager emailed me to say that I am exceeding expectations.