Oscar M.

I contacted YES for resume help at the beginning of November. I had been unsuccessfully applying for jobs since mid-July. I thought it was a good idea, especially if I was going to get a job for sure. When I contacted YES, I thought that all the companies I applied to were saying “no,” but that turned out not to be the case. It turned out it wasn’t me, it was just part of the current situation. I was still feeling not comfortable with the interviews, so the Interview Aikido was very helpful for that. It was so timely, because I was having second interviews and first interviews with a few companies. The small tips really helped my confidence in asking questions. The help was tremendous. The sessions with Michael helped me quite a bit because I wasn’t really sure as to what the steps were in my case. I was considering a career change, and he gave me a guideline as to what to do at what time, and that felt very good. As a result, I was able to negotiate a 20% increase in my salary with the job offer I accepted. If I had been on my own, I wouldn’t have felt good about negotiating. I also gained the respect of my new employer based on their feedback. Not only did I get the money that I wanted, but I get to start off on the right foot. I would recommend to trust the process and do YES’s coaching.

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