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So before reaching out to YES, I’d never had a professionally done resumé, and was well aware of the limitations on the one I’d been self curating since college.

However, I have years of experience, and I knew that a lot of firms in the private sector are shifting hiring practices to assess for skills and experience, rather than just alma mater you graduated from, especially in a field such as aviation logistics (and anything outside of STEM and law)

I wanted badly to get out of where I was, where I had worked my way up… but was apprehensive about not being able to effectively convey my skills to potential new employers. Selling oneself on paper can be challenging.
That’s why I came to YES.

The price was phenomenal, the speed was great. The questionnaire and analysis before the actual writing was intense but worth it.
YES gave me the confidence of having all the best possible tools and resources, and subsequent clarity that comes with having a good resume and cover letter that’s adaptable to different jobs. Some people get personal trainers to go further in their workout. Some people hire a local guide instead of just Googling. I’m glad I did this. 10/10. It could have taken way longer, but everything happened with almost perfect timing. Once I changed my location on my resume, I started getting requests for interviews in Florida. Then, by the time I finished dealing with my former apartment in NOVA (flooded)….I had a job offer!

Ask for Maggie 😀

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