Kelsey Parrish

When I first contacted YES, I was employed but looking to grow in my career. I had been applying to jobs over the course of about a year and a half, but I wasn’t getting any responses. I’m so glad I finally decided to work with YES, because the difference was remarkable.

Their team built a resume and cover letter for me from scratch, using my responses to a detailed questionnaire to best highlight my career accomplishments and tailor my experience for the exact kind of jobs I was looking for. Going through this process also helped me really hone in on the specific direction I wanted to go in my career, which meant I was applying to the right positions and sending materials that showcased how I’d fit those positions perfectly.

Within a couple of weeks applying for jobs using the resume and cover letter I received from YES (and, of course, personalizing them to better fit my own style and the needs of each company), I started getting invited to multiple phone interviews every week. This led to several in-person interviews and ultimately, after about 2 months, an incredible offer at a great company! I strongly believe that having the YES team rework my resume and cover letter was the key to getting my foot in the door. They were also very professional, timely, courteous, and easy to work with.

If you’re stuck in your job search, feel like you should be getting interviews based on your experience but just aren’t for some reason, I definitely recommend visiting their website to see what kind of services might be a good fit for you, and scheduling a call with the team.

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