I cannot believe that this is my first online review ever posted and I hope this will not be my last. When I first called Katherine, she was very interesting and I liked her energy. Before doing my resume, she asked me to fill out a worksheet with all my job information, and at first I thought it was hard. But I went ahead and did it, and I tried to put everything on it that I could remember from job descriptions to customer reviews and accomplishments. Once she gave me my drafts, I was amazed! It honestly felt like someone finally got tell my story and show people what was in my heart. She found a way to convey all of me and my career on paper, which is a very hard thing to do. I also enjoyed the Interview Aikido training because now I feel sure of myself. Before I would always second guess myself, but now I am able to wipe that out and be confident. The first thing that came to mind after working with YES was that I need to share this with someone else. I was so excited about it. The first time I used the resume to apply for a job, I got a response within 10 hours. I’ve applied to several jobs now, and every time I’ve gotten a response within 24 hours. I have interviewed and been offered two positions already! I have learned a lot from both Katherine and Rita and I am grateful for what they’ve done for my career. Merci Beaucoup!