Gavin T

I cannot possibly recommend YES enough. I signed up for the “Career Rocket Fuel” package. This included a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile and 2 sessions of “Interview Aikido”. The price may seem high, but it is absolutely worth it. This is my career. In the long term, it’s not a lot to pay for what you get. The process is really easy. I submitted my resume as is, and had a phone interview to discuss further. A few days later I had a brand new resume that was completely different but very much true to my skillset. You have the opportunity to provide feedback and suggest changes. After the resume came the cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Almost immediately upon updating my profile and posting my resume to a few job boards (Indeed, Career Builder etc.) I started receiving interest. I applied to 6 jobs I was interested in, and received callbacks on 3. I interviewed for 2 and received 2 job offers. This is where the interview aikido really helped me. I was able to analyze the job description, pull experience from my career to date and be ready for everything they asked in the interviews. The offer I accepted has put me on a fantastic path for my career. YES has already paid for itself several times over. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’m going to close this review with the same line I opened it with. I cannot possibly recommend YES enough.