Andre Winkfield

Working with YES has completely changed my approach to job hunting for the better. I was searching desperately for a summer internship, but after working with the good folks at YES I received two $20+/hour offers within the next month. In addition to completely overhauling my resume, they gave my LinkedIn profile a lovely paintjob, and worked with me to develop interview and networking skills.

YES’ completely personalized approach brings out the best in YOU. They ask a series of detailed questions to obtain an accurate snapshot of you, so that they can help bring out your strengths and cover your weaknesses. The whole experience felt incredibly personal, and I could tell that my success was a priority to them. It’s not just a redone resume. The comprehensive personality profile, interview coaching and personalized feedback they gave me are all incredibly valuable resources that have taken my professional skills to the next level. Investing in YES will provide you with the tools to carry you through your career for the rest of your life.

I would like to thank the president, Katherine Metres Akbar and the wonderful people at YES for all they’ve done. Their services are a must for anybody looking to make an advancement in their career.