Interview Like a Cool Chick/Dude (part 2)

How do you get your interviewer excited, jazzed, pumped about working with you?

People get excited when they see that their goals are within reach and that they will enjoy reaching them. So your job at the interview is to show and inspire confidence that the interviewer’s goals are within reach and that you can help him/her reach them.

Note: This is not about you! People are always more interested in themselves than in other people. As the late, great motivational speaker and sales trainer Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

In order to help interviewers get what they want, you need to find out what it is. That’s where our Interview Aikido technique comes in. You need to know what, when, and how to ask powerful questions that will help you find out what will motivate the interviewer to hire you. But in general, the idea is this: find out what the interviewer and company want and show how you can help them achieve it. And be charming while you do it (see last month’s blog—part one).

What can make an employer excited about working with you?

  • You can help them solve a problem. Sales studies show that people are more motivated to buy to solve problems than to increase pleasures. So find out what the employer’s problems or worries are that you can help to solve. You can find this out through some research, by reading between the lines of the job description and using your imagination plus knowledge of your field, or by asking directly during the interview.
  • You can improve workplace morale. Never underestimate the power of creating the impression that working with you would be a pleasure. The interviewers are seldom the business owner, so while making more money is a motivator, it’s not their primary one. Their primary motivator in this situation is choosing the person who will make them look good, be cool to work with, and maybe even help them get promoted. And don’t forget that most people love to be needed. Show that you appreciate the interviewer’s role as a mentor to you with the questions you ask and how you respond to his/her statements.
  • You can help the interviewer reach his/her personal goals. The coolest question I ever asked in an interview was, “What could I do in this position that would help you get promoted?” Those interviewers were eating out of my hand. By the end of the interview, they told me they were sold, and indeed, I got the contract.

So there you go … how to get the interviewer pumped about working with you. Review: It’s not about your qualifications alone (boring). It’s about what working with you will do for the interviewer.

Go get ‘em!

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