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There’s no vaccine yet against COVID-19, but there are three great ways to inoculate your career against a COVID-19-induced recession. In this video, I’m going to give you three ways to recession-proof your career so that your income remains stable and you can keep food on the table while still saving for college for the kids and/or retirement.

I’m Katherine Akbar, and I head DC metro’s top-rated career success company. We help you build a career based on a job that gives you a chance to grow, pays well, and allows you to keep your family and yourself safe.

Way #1 to inoculate your career: Make yourself invaluable to your employer if your job is a port in a storm. Is your job in an industry and company that you assess to be relatively recession proof? Do you love it? If you are at least 80% confident on both points, you’ll want to focus on making sure your employer won’t part with you even if some folks have to be let go. Meet with your boss to find out how you can help them reach their goals. Get visible to senior management by volunteering on high-value projects. Make friends; influence people; and don’t make enemies.

Way #2: If you don’t love your job or have confidence it can survive a recession, it’s time to look for a new job before the economy gets worse. Target jobs in which the function, sector, industry, and organization’s financials suit your personal goals, which at this point should include job security as a priority.

Way #3: Get the support you need to make yourself an MVP—most valuable player—or get a secure new job. Support can come from your network, university career center, nonprofits, or—best option—a reputable career success company like YES Resume Writing and Career Coaching Services. Don’t try to figure this out on your own, as that could delay your success and severely add to your stress.

For personalized assistance in making yourself an MVP at work or getting a secure new job,  schedule your free Career Success Consultation. Or for free self-help, read our dozens of valuable blogs.

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