How to Get Your Dream Job Through Networking

sign saying dream job
sign saying dream job

Easiest Path to Your Dream Job

Did you know that as many as 38% of jobs are never advertised and that you can get hired by having people realize you are a solution to their problems, even if they haven’t opened a position yet? That means you can find your dream job by creative means besides checking the usual job sites.

Networking is one of the best ways to access the hidden job market where employers are looking for real connections, not just a bullet-pointed resume sent by email. There are many ways to network and to impress online and in person. Career coaching services like Your Edge for Success YES can help you figure out what kind of networking strategy is best suited to your personality. For example, as an introvert, you may be more comfortable with one-on-one meetings than large, noisy events. You want to make sure you enjoy the process!

If you're serious about finding your dream job, now is a great time to get started, as Q1 is hiring season. Keep reading to find out what you need to do to network your way to that perfect job.

Expand Your Networking Spaces

Every city and town has huge amounts of networking potential, and you may not know which will be worth sticking with until you try particular events. Joining one networking group is a great start, and trying different groups will expand your connections.

Networking doesn't just happen face-to-face, either. LinkedIn groups, Facebook groups, and even Slack hangouts can be brilliant spaces for connecting with others in your chosen industry. Just remember that meeting in real life can exponentially increase people’s feeling of connection to you, and that connection, plus affinity and respect, make it likely they will hire or refer you when the opportunity arises.

Be Prepared

No matter how much time we spend online, when you go networking, you will hear the question "Do you have a business card?" If you have out-of-date cards or none at all, you risk losing face and the opportunity to stick in that person's mind. If you are not currently employed, you can easily get cards made online by VistaPrint or a competent, caring local company like AlphaGraphics.

Being prepared for networking covers a lot of factors. From arriving on time to being appropriately dressed and groomed, first impressions count.

This also extends to knowing how to describe yourself and your work. No one will be impressed if you can't clearly and succinctly explain who you are and what you do. Have a couple of short sentences in your head to answer these common questions fluently.

Ask Questions

When you listen effectively and ask questions, you stand a much better chance of being remembered by those you meet. When you network, you don’t want to just tell everyone what you're looking for.

You will be far more effective in being likable and memorable if you ask interesting questions, listen properly, and then—when asked—give a short, powerful introduction about who you are.

Keep an Open Mind

Networking can be intimidating for many people, and you may worry you're being judged. Go in with an open mind, look for what you like about the people you meet, and remember that you never know who you'll be talking to.

The person with whom you are speaking might be someone in a dissimilar industry or could be your dream boss (or could be in a dissimilar industry but married to your dream boss!). Meeting a variety of people for different careers can also open doors you never knew existed.

Connect with New Contacts ASAP

Networking doesn't end when you leave an event. Look up all the people you spoke to online in spaces such as LinkedIn, including the host. Send them thank-you messages or emails saying how much you enjoyed meeting them and/or how much you valued the event they organized.

This extra, personal touch will remind your new connections of who you are. This is especially valuable when they may have met many people at a single event.

Get Your Dream Job by Networking

Networking is the perfect way to get your dream job, as you can connect with people on a more personal level. We know it can also be intimidating if you haven't done it often.

When you're in a career transition or looking for a new role, you may struggle with defining what you want to do and which position would suit you. With our executive career coaching, we'll help you determine exactly what kind of work and employer suit you best and then help you develop an effective strategy for getting your dream job.

Get in touch today, and we'll work with you to secure that dream job.

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