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With our Career Strategy Rocket Fuel package, you get the professional help you need to be sure you’ll land your dream job.

Land Your Perfect Job

Are you struggling to land your dream job? Just can’t seem to get any interviews after you’ve sent in your application?

 For those who want to build their job search and networking skills, we offer 8 Career Strategy Sessions with Certified Career Coach Michael Akbar. The coach will be your guide and accountability partner to help you determine your perfect job situation, build a network of people who can vouch for you, and land the job!

What Our Career Strategy Rocket Fuel Package Offers You

A great cover letter and resume can only get you so far if you don’t know how to use them to effect. Cover letters and resumes are perfect for landing cold opportunities if you can fall in the top 2% of applications. The average job receives hundreds of applications. To compete effectively for these jobs, find out about jobs on the hidden job market, and be sure you’ll land in a good place, you’ll want to get career coaching. Career Strategy Sessions help you determine where you’ll be happiest and how to land your dream job using multiple strategies, including networking. Breaking into warm and hot opportunities—ones where you are a known, respected resource—will put your application in front of more employers in your new field, and their recruiters. Stop missing out on jobs on the hidden job network (38% of the total). Break into new opportunities with our coaching that’ll help you uncover or create your dream job, while positioning yourself as the perfect resource for it.

How This Package Benefits You

This is a popular, complete job transition package for the job seeker.
  • Understand yourself and get strategies tailored to your personality through our Workplace Development Report on how you function in the workplace.
  • Get more interviews using our persuasive cover letter and resume.
  • Find out how to implement your strategy to get your dream job using 8 Career Strategy Sessions with Certified Career Coach Michael Akbar.
  • Guerrilla Job Hunter topics covered:
    • Your Perfect Job—Explore and then determine the perfect job on your career path and make a list of organizations that will help you thrive.
    • The Inner Game—Prepare yourself mentally to receive the perfect job for you.
    • Networking Genius—Build a network of people who can hire or refer you for a job in your field.
    • Executive Access—Bypass HR and get in front of decision makers.
  • Get found by an average of 8 recruiters through our LinkedIn Profile and guide on using LinkedIn to get a job.
  • Be prepped to get more offers using our Interview Aikido training and mock interview to practice your interviewing skills.
  • Relax, knowing this package includes a guarantee that you will get an offer.
There are thousands of hidden jobs on the market that you aren’t aware of when you’re in job transition. Since this hidden job market is less formal, working it enables you to get high-paying jobs faster—with less competition.

Plus, we even guarantee that, assuming you do your part, you’ll get an offer.
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Katherine and the YES provided my perfect resume. My sessions with Michael allowed me to look at job opportunity with a fine-tuned lens so that I could eliminate those opportunities that wouldn't make me happy. Michael always said that most jobs come from networking as opposed to applying online and he was right because that's where mine came from.

Ayana P. Policy Specialist

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