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Our career coaching is based on the philosophy that your career is more than a series of jobs. It’s the path you chart across your professional life to achieve your personal goals. Our career strategy coaching helps you identify and work toward achieving those goals. A satisfying career change starts by learning how to leverage your current situation to make your transition, even to a field that is new to you. Keep reading to learn more about how you will influence and enlist even strangers to become your mentors, advocates, and champions helping you get in front of decision makers, even for opportunities that are not advertised.

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Where will your work experience take you?

The road into the future is carved by your own decisions from the choices presented to you. Choosing a career path is not always easy and can happen multiple times in a person’s working life. After all, no one knows what opportunities and challenges await us in the future. An experienced career coach helps you choose a fulfilling and rewarding path and chart your way forward.

You career strategy should …

Set achievable goals

Identify worthy skills to obtain

Build upon successful milestones

career coaching

YES Career Coach Michael Akbar shows you how to chart the best course for yourself. That includes finding the best available opportunities. More than 1/3 of jobs are never listed on job boards, so you need to know where else to look.

Building and maintaining a network of professional contacts helps you find great jobs and achieve success. In your network, you want more than names and contact info. You want network partners who will be strong advocates for you.

Finding and applying for new jobs is only the first step. Once you’ve landed the interview, you may face strong competition. Our Interview Aikido™ method teaches you to guide the conversation to your best advantage.

Aikido is the martial art that teaches you to use an opponent’s strength against him. In traditional interviews, the applicant is the submissive partner in the conversation. Using Interview Aikido™, you become a full partner in the conversation, interviewing the interviewer.

Setting the right course for your career begins with a simple assessment we call the “Workplace Development Report.” You and your coach work together to develop the best goals for your growth. These goals will reflect who you are and where you want to go instead of being someone else’s pre-fabricated career path.

Your career strategy coach helps you create a plan specifically for you.

You’ll develop the skills you need to navigate job opportunities and interviews. We call that your “inner game.” You’ll learn how to focus on the destination you’ve chosen and develop strategies to get there.

We’ll teach you step by step how to build a professional network to help you advance toward your goals.

And we’ll provide you with the tools you need to move forward on your path—including a cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile. Our proprietary Interview Aikido™ training and an offer guarantee are included in most of the coaching packages.

You can email us here and then schedule yourself for a free, 30-minute Career Success Consultation—or contact us by phone between 8 and 6:30 to set it up.

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If you are uncertain of which package is the best fit for your goal:

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Is Career Coaching Worth It?

You may be wondering, How much does a career coach cost?. While that is a very fair question, an even a more empowering question may be what kind of a return can you expect from career coaching. The answer to that question depends on your definition of success. Are you measuring career success in terms of …

  • income
  • job satisfaction
  • professional growth
  • work-life balance
  • or all the above?

Based on your answer, you can decide the kind of value you will expect from your success. For example, if income is your key criterion, here is a way to determine your return on your investment: Let’s say you currently earn $100,000, and as a result of working with a career coach, you land a job that earns 15% more. That is $15,000. Your investment in coaching could be as little as $1500. That makes your return on investment (ROI) 1000%!

Not only does that soundly beat Wall Street’s average return of 8% on your money, but this is also a process that you can repeat again and again. In fact, some of our clients, upon receiving a new offer, decide to engage us for career advancement coaching to accelerate not only their growth but also their satisfaction in a new position.

How to Find the Best Career Coach

If you search the Internet for “career coach near me,” you may get a different set of results than if you search for, for example, “career coach Boston,” “career coach Atlanta,” or “career coach Los Angeles.” But do you really need to search for a career coach near you in the post-COVID world?

Before answering that question, consider these two phenomena that have reshaped our lives: Even if you are living next door to the best career coach, today chances are you would be meeting with them by video conference. As a result, whether that career coach is next door or thousands of miles away makes no difference. On the other hand, consider the fact that—again due to COVID—there is a good chance that you will be working remotely. Where your employer is located matters far less than before. You need an executive career coach who can help you get a job not just in their backyard but anywhere in the world.

YES Career Coaching & Resume Writing Services is such a partner for you. While the company is headquartered in the Washington DC metro area, YES has clients worldwide. If you want to find out how to make a career change, look for a YES career development coach. Don’t take our word for why choosing us makes sense, though—check out our independent Google reviews.

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