5 Guerrilla Strategies to Land a Job Using the Best Job Sites

using the best job sites
using the best job sites

You've got a killer resume and plenty of work experience. It should be easy to find the perfect job by using the best job sites, right?  

Not so fast.

The right position might be out there, but connecting with it can take work.

As you know, navigating online job boards isn't the easiest task in the world. Between refreshing and scrolling, your eyes begin to cross, your head starts pounding, and soon enough, the entire effort begins to feel fruitless.

Don't give up hope! Today, we're sharing our insider guerrilla strategies to help you find the best job boards, navigate them with ease, and land that dream job you deserve.

 Ready to learn more? Put down the mouse, stretch a little, and let's get started!

Start with the Best Job Sites 

The most important part of acing this process is knowing where to focus your job search efforts. There are hundreds of general and niche online job sites to browse, not to mention aggregators, social media channels, and networking groups.

All are vying for your attention with the allure of an opportunity that could be right within your reach.

The only problem? Spending too much time on the wrong ones can be an utter waste of time. As you click aimlessly through the listings, you wind up frustrated, not hired.

Not sure where to start? That's why we're here.

We've taken care of the legwork for you, reviewing the top online job sites and curating a list of the most user-friendly ones.

How did we decide which sites made the cut? We considered a range of factors:

Ease of use

Range of search options

Quality and quantity of open positions

 Take a look at our list below and start optimizing your job search efforts! Spend a few minutes on each one to see which is the best fit for you. This is the biggest hurdle to cross, so once you've landed on one that you love, you've already made major strides in the right direction.. 

1. Indeed

 using the best job sites - Indeed

Looking for a no-frills job site that offers hundreds of thousands of opportunities? Indeed.com correlates thousands of job listings from websites around the world, so you don't have to chase them down yourself.

With one click, you can compile myriad different job opportunities from an aggregated database, including those on the following:

Job boards

Career sites

Newspaper classifieds

Professional associations

Other online sources

Skyrocketing in popularity over the past few years, Indeed is heralded for its user friendliness and streamlined layout.

You don't have to spend hours opening up dozens of different tabs to find the right job opportunity. This site does it for you, displaying the results in a refreshingly simple format. You can also sign up for email alerts to learn immediately when an opportunity pops up that matches your skillset.

 Yet, some might be put off by Indeed's bare-bones aesthetic. While it's to the point, it also offers a few resources other sites lack. 

2. LinkedIn

using the best job sites - LinkedIn Profinder

Are you one of the more than 650 million people who use LinkedIn for professional networking?

If so, you already know that it's a great place to connect with colleagues, follow inspiring mentors, and share your expertise with the world. Did you know that it's also one of the best and easiest places to hunt for a new job?

LinkedIn has an integrated job search function that's as interactive and easy to use as the rest of the platform.

The best part? If you're already on LinkedIn, most of your data are ready to go.

Your profile should be complete with your detailed work history, relevant skills, organizational memberships, accreditations, and portfolio samples. As long as it's up to date, you're ready to apply to openings that catch your eye. (That said, YES recommends you apply with a tailored resume and cover letter instead of your profile, unless it’s already a perfect fit.)

Even when you're not actively seeking opportunities, your profile speaks for itself. Over time, it can attract potential employers who are looking for talent just like yours to add to their team.

 While you might have to do a little digging, the results can be more than worth your time. Follow companies that interest you, engage in online discussions, and keep your profile current. Prospective employers will often end up finding you in the process.

3. CareerBuilder

using the best job sites - Career Builder

Around for longer than many sites on this list, CareerBuilder has established a reputation as the go-to site for many eager job seekers.

In addition to job listings and resume posting opportunities, you can also find career advice and other resources on the site. If you're looking to dive head-first into a massive database of opportunities, this is the place to do so.

Not only does CareerBuilder source job listings directly from employers, but it also partners with local newspapers to incorporate online classifieds into the search tool.

While the extra features are helpful, they can become overwhelming, especially if you're already consumed by the job search process. The needle in the haystack can feel even smaller with so many options at your fingertips.

Still, if you're willing to sort through the listings, and you're in need of all the extra features you can find on the site, it's one of the best and most popular sites on which to start your search—and for good reason.

4. Dice

using the best job sites - Dice

Looking for a career in the tech field? Dice has your back.

While it caters to a specific niche, the job site is surprisingly well stocked with thousands of jobs in the information and technology space. In fact, some of the top names in the industry—from Amazon to Deloitte—post jobs here.

As soon as you register for an account, you can upload and store your resume, learn about salaries and requirements for certain positions and, of course, begin your job hunt.

One of the most user-friendly sites on our list, Dice caters to tech experts at every stage of their careers. That means whether you're fresh out of college or a seasoned pro, you can find a job that aligns with your experience level. Advanced search tools and filtering options help you narrow the results and zero in on the best match.

Like LinkedIn, you can also sign up for email alerts from Dice when new jobs open up. You can also stay up to date on current openings via the Dice mobile app.

Keep in mind, however, that all available jobs will fall into the IT sector. While that specificity can be ideal for those already working in that field (or looking to crack into it), the site is not comprehensive enough to cater to the general public. 

5. Glassdoor

using the best job sites - Glass Door

Glassdoor boasts 62 million unique monthly visitors. In addition to job hunters, many users also access the site to learn more about the company they're currently working for.

The platform began as a company rating site where current and former employees could leave anonymous reviews about workplace culture, salaries, benefits, leadership, and more. While you can still find all of those juicy details, Glassdoor has also expanded into a job search resource.

In addition to available openings, you can also dive deep into your future employer's reputation, learning helpful details that can help you decide whether to pursue the position. Similar to LinkedIn, Glassdoor also makes it easy for interested hirers to find you, matching employers with prospects that fit.

And finally, I must add Lensa.com as a great new resource to check out for jobs as well as career advice. 

1. Use the Job Sites as a Launching Pad

As helpful as the above job sites are, the reality is that none of them is a yellow brick road to employment.

On average, most job postings get more than 250 resume submissions. Yours might be the best of the bunch, but it could still get lost among the shuffle.

Thankfully, we know a few workarounds.

At Your Edge for Success YES, we teach simple hacks that can help you make the most of the time you spend job searching. This helps you turn the tables and get the most out of these sites every time.

Let's start with a simple but effective hack you can implement today.

While you can certainly use job sites to look for new openings and opportunities, think of them more as a launching pad or conversation starter. While you browse each site, identify the companies with decisionmakers at the helm whom you'd like to contact.

Then, use the guerrilla strategies taught by YES, such as Executive Access, to reach out to them. Introduce yourself and begin a conversation. Often, the most valuable job opportunities stem from a one-on-one connection rather than a generic call for applicants.

Feel a little awkward at this whole networking thing? That's why we created our Your Edge for Success YES Networking Genius training! With this material, you'll learn the techniques and scripts to use to initiate a dialogue that's natural and effective, opening new doors and possibilities.

Studies show that upon learning and practicing this approach, as many as 30% of the contacts you reach out to will respond positively to your request for a conversation and meeting! 

2. Create Your Own Role

One of the benefits of using a "backdoor" or guerrilla strategy such as the one above is that it allows you to bypass the traditional traps that often ensnare hopeful job seekers.

When you simply click "Apply Now" and send in your online application via a job site, you're crossing your fingers that your resume will catch the right eye. In many cases, it has to check a slew of boxes to even be considered for the next round.

On the other hand, when you approach a decisionmaker directly, you may have the chance to carve out a role that's uniquely designed around your skillset. At the very least, you can learn the context—and thereby find out what they most need—before presenting what you have to offer to meet those needs. In such a situation, the only person you're competing against is yourself.

As you learn more about the organization, you can wind up creating (and filling) a position that the employer has not even advertised yet. You’ll be that lucky candidate who got in on the ground floor.

3. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

What is one of the first things that an employer will do after you initiate contact? That's right: They'll head straight to your LinkedIn profile.

When they land on yours, what will they find?

Before you reach out to anyone using the techniques above, check out the Your Edge for Success YES SEO-Optimized LinkedIn Profile writing service and guide to using LinkedIn to get a job.

Our tips and tricks will help make sure your online profile projects the persona that's most likely to interest and intrigue the people you contact. In addition, we'll also show you how to optimize your LinkedIn profile to make you most attractive to recruiters and headhunters.

4. Ace Your In-Person Meeting

You've made it this far: a prospective employer responded to your guerrilla techniques and invited you to meet.

You're already way ahead of the game—but wait. What are you going to do? What do you say?

Don't worry! We'd never leave you hanging.

Check out the Interview Aikido techniques taught by YES. In this training, you'll learn how to make a great impression, ask smart questions, and speak eloquently on the value you bring them, to make a persuasive case for your employment.

 By applying these tips, you can help influence decisionmakers to at least become your advocates and champions as you continue to learn more about their company. In some cases, they might even make you an offer on the spot!

5. Know Your Worth

There's no use in going through any of these steps if you don't know your professional marketplace worth. Understanding these data is key to going after jobs that you're strategically aligned to fill.

You’ll want to take care of that challenge before you get too far into the job search process. That's why we created the YES Career Strategy program. During these sessions, expert Career Coach Michael Akbar will show you how to aim for the best jobs for you, leading to higher job satisfaction and income.

Apply These Guerrilla Strategies and More

Now that you know a few of the guerrilla strategies you can apply to expedite and improve your job search process, are you ready to learn more?

At Your Edge for Success YES, we're dedicated to helping you successfully navigate your career path, no matter when or where you start.

Our internal research shows that job seekers who get our LinkedIn profile are contacted by an average of 9 recruiters during their search. Our average/median clients interview with 5 different employers and find a new job in 8 weeks from resume finalization. They also get an average 13% salary increase in their new position.

Want to join their ranks?

During our free, 30-minute phone or Zoom consultation, we'll review your situation and offer invaluable advice on the strategies best suited to your goals.

Contact us today to learn more, and let's take this next step together!

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